[Ask the Tavern!] Hangout/Podcast – Submit Questions for the Tavern Crew

After popular demand (ok, a few people), the Tavern will be setting up either a Google Hangout or Podcast in the near future! The topics to be discussed will include the Women’s national team, the K League, the East Asian Cup and others. Details are still to be worked out, I could very well be jumping the gun by putting this post up here, so if I am, forgive me Tavern writers!

But, we also want to hear from you, our Tavern readers! YOU, of course, are the most important people to the success of this blog, you keep it going with your comments and page views, and keep us as writers motivated to provide the best space possible to discuss Korean footy in the English language. So we are re-launching the Tavern Mailbag. Ask us anything and everything related to Korean football (we are a Korean footy blog, after all), and we’ll do our best to answer YOUR questions in the broadcast/podcast.

How do I ask a question?

1) In the comments section below.

2) On Twitter. To make things easier for us to view all the questions at once, Please use the hashtag #AskTheTavern. Thanks.

3) On our Facebook page. Hopefully we’ll have a post up for that as well, simply ask the question in the comments section.

NOTE: Questions that relate to the K League, the Women’s National Team and the Korean National Team (reflection on recent matches and East Asian Cup coming up in August) will take precedence.

ALSO: Any questions that haven’t been answered might be answered at future podcasts/hangouts or might also be answered in writing.

Again, details will be ironed out over the coming days. Watch this space!

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  1. Question:

    Can you talk about the upcoming FIFA U-17 World Cup this October in Chile?

    What do we know about Korea’s team? The key players?


  2. Can you guys go over the striker situation? And do you think Lee Seung Woo will come to senior level once he’s 18?

  3. Who do you think our five key players are for our national team for the next year.
    Also this is a little much but the best representative for each position in the KNT?

  4. How do you see Lee Chung Yong getting playing time at Crystal Palace especially if the Yohan Cabaye deal goes through?

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