Breaking: Former KFA Officials Under Investigation; Hiddink to Hold Press Conference

The headline speaks for itself – 11 former KFA officials, including Lee Hwaetaek (회 is hard to romanize I’m sorry), Hwang Bokwan, Cho Jungyoun, and Kim Jusung – are being investigated by the Criminal Intelligence Investigation unit of the Seoul Police (서울경찰청 지능범죄수사대 for those of you more versed in Korean) for corruption. The charges include embezzlement of KFA money for very Korean things like golf, karaoke rooms (noraebang), dermatological visits, and alcohol. Using the money for prostitution and personal holidays has also been uncovered.

The total money taken out amounts to 1.17억 Won, or ~117k USD. Doesn’t seem like much compared to how much money gets embezzled out of companies here in the US, but hey this got stolen in the space of a little more than a year (7/2011 – 12/2012).


Another interesting story: within 3 hours of my posting this article (~8AM EST), Guus Hiddink will host a press conference in Belgium. Things might get interesting.


Oh, right: things to look forward to on the Tavern:

  • A decently optimistic mid-week recap
  • A NEW PODCAST! In 3-4 “short” snippets this time. We are busy at work with the editing right now.
  • A post about pros/cons of bringing in Hiddink as our coach ahead of the WCQ.
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