Callups for Iran and Jordan: PJY (and JSR) are Back

Kim Ju Young is left off the list and KYK is on the list despite apparently being injured, though HJH is back. This time, JHS is listed as a proper DF. Hopefully that’s where he’ll be played from now on. The LBs are KJS and PJH, and the RBs are CDR and KCS. LY is currently injured.

The MF hasn’t changed much aside from the return of KJC from injury.

Interestingly, the entire FW line comes from the Middle East. LDG is injured. No Kim Seung Dae for some reason, although he is starting to regain form. It’s too bad, since I really wanted to see him as our FW. More interestingly, we have a “standby list” that includes YSY, Shin Hwa Yong (god it’s been a while), LMJ, and HC and PJW.

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  1. Kim Young Gwon played for Guangzhou about 18 hours ago as they clinched their 4th consecutive league title. First game back for him in a few weeks but he played the full 90 so he should be recovered.

  2. Although I would have liked YSY on the official roster, I think from Stielike’s point of view this is a good move. Telling Yun that his good form hasn’t gone unnoticed but that he needs to continue playing well to earn a spot on the main team.

    JSR needs to become a censored word (and so should CKH). Can WordPress make that happen? God I hate that man.

    • I saw on QPR’s Twitter when they posted that YSY is on standby, how all the QPR fans were saying that Korea must have two world-class LBs ahead of him. Speaks volumes as to how much the fans love him and his performances after finally getting a change to be on the pitch for the last two (big) games. Hope YSY can break through this season!

      • I guess in QPRs recent run of dreadful form, Yun’s performance lit a spark in the fans hearts. Forgive me for it, but his tireless energy, peserverance and teamwork reminds me of Park Ji Sung…
        If he can keep his current form up, I think he will become a mainstay in not only QPRs starting lineup but he will also be a name that we expect to start like Son.
        He is finally showing the quality he did pre-QPR at the olympics.

    • I don’t, otherwise… PCY should receive the same treatment.

      KJS & PJH should stay with their clubs. No reason to risk when KJS has yet to return for Hoffenheim and PJH recently returned to Mainz.

      • Yes but we desperately need someone at striker… PCY is lucky in the sense that him somewhat in form > better than any striker in the K-League.

        I would have put YSY in my roster but I see the reasoning behind him being put on a reserves list.

          • Surely, Park Chuyoung shouldn’t be called up yet based in form. However, Park has to be part of the team in the Asian Cup if we want to have success IMO, I find it hard to rely on the likes of Lee Keun Ho and CYC for goals… The timing for both him and JSR is good in the sense that the matches will be played away from home and so are in less pressure. Hopefully they perform.

          • It’s a fundamental disagreement I have with PCY supporters. They seem to think that PCY is still the player that was scoring for fun 3-4 years ago. I don’t think he is. I think both physically and mentally he’s diminished, significantly. His natural talent allows him to grab a goal here and there, but over a period of games he’s revealed for what he is now. A shadow of his former self.

        • I completely disagree.

          “Somewhat in form” PCY in his early 20s is certainly better over any K-league striker. But 29yr old “somewhat in form” PCY? This isn’t the same player, nor do we have any data to support your statement. There’s no data for direct comparison between current PCY & other players to make that claim.

          Btw, is he “somewhat in form”? He scored 1 goal as sub. That’s it.

          Is he even “fit”? Can he play 90 mins without any fatigue/exhaustion? We’re talking about a player who rarely played the past year.

          • Takeuchi, your questions are exactly why he should be called up and examined now instead of later for big tournaments. The timing is also efficient because LDK and KSW injuries leave open a spot for Park ^29 yrs is a prime age for typical strikers but in the case of PCY… who knows?

          • Then why not after the Asian Cup? Give him time to show he can stay healthy and get into form at the club level first. Then bring him in for early round qualifiers and friendlies and check him out.

          • Instead of later for big tournaments? Such as, or are you referring to Asian Cup? Otherwise, Asian Qualifiers are still down the road, Confederation Cup (if Korea win Asian Cup) is 3 years later, and World Cup is 4 years later.

            If I’m not mistaken (Jae can correct me on this), these are the last 2 friendlies before roster is due for Asian Cup. Is it really better to examine a player who I don’t believe is “fit” nor in “form”?

            I’m a fan of PCY but this is way too early for him to get a chance.

          • That’s correct. There are no friendlies in December, so the next international matches will be the Asian Cup in early January. The final roster for the Asian Cup is due Dec. 30. In theory, this group is the one that Stielike will likely call upon for the AC.

          • Kim Seung Dae deserves a shot at playing in the KNT more than PCY. Kim is starting to look as if he was in form again, whereas everyone is claiming park is back in form with a wonder goal because of one neatly put away finish. If K League really wants to become of a higher standing in the world, we really need to give some of our domestic players a chance. Im not saying players like LDG who have been proven to flunk at the international level but players like KSD

          • And there’s no data to suggest that a K-League striker aka Kim Seung-Dae would be better than PCY today. We can’t compare the two, which is why we have to make claims without info. It’s called having 1) an opinion and 2) a gut feeling.

      • There really is no harm in calling up PJY imo, he may not deserve it but it’s very true that we really don’t have options (LDG/KSW injured) outside KSD who for some reason Stielike doesn’t want to try out.

        If you were Stielike and you didn’t wanna call up KSD for some reason, and you were missing KSW/LDG, doesn’t it make sense to go “eh let’s see how this Park Ju Young guy is doing with my own eyes?”

        If he was called up for the Asian Games I would be in the same boat as Jae and Takeuchi, but then again, our very negative opinion of him comes from the WC. Asian defenders are MUCH easier than Russian, Algerian, and Belgian defenders. Hell a PJY who hadn’t played football for like a year or two could blow past Maya Yoshida. Then again I’m sure any of our other strikers could also blow past Maya Yoshida. Or whoever the other Japanese CBs are.

  3. YSY is playing really well. He should have been called up. ^I think it’s beneficial for Strieker to examine PCY in person through these two friendlies. It doesn’t hurt to give him a chance to prove himself now that he’s actually playing for a club.

  4. I find it funny that the PJY supporter and the JSR haters are using the exact same reasoning Blind emotion. The former with love, the latter with hate. You can hate them or love them all you want, but in the argument should be on whether they deserve to be there NOW and why. I advocated for PJY to be on the World Cup team, and as disappointed as I was, I think I was still right to do so. However, it wasn’t an emotional reason. It was just a matter of fact that based on what we had seen from other strikers, you almost had to go to PJY. However, post-World Cup is not the same landscape for PJY, and therefore Takeuchi and Jae are correct. Note: they never said PJY should never make the team like JSR haters. Their point is that he needs to prove himself. Conversely, JSR deserves every opportunity to make the team again if it turns out that he’s the most in form and qualified keeper. I don’t care how crappy he was at the World Cup. If he proves himself, he proves himself. If Jae tells me that JSR has been playing horribly for Suwon, then I’d trust him at his word, since I haven’t been following JSR’s play recently. However, if he’s on the list because he’s been one of the top 3 or 4 Korean GK’s, then he deserves to be there. I can’t stop y’all from feeling what you feel. I can understand that. However, acting like he doesn’t deserve to be on the team just sounds as silly as those suddenly thinking PJY is the messiah (again). By the way, again, Takeuchi and Jae are right to ask: how on earth can anyone think PJY is “in form” after so little?

    • I can see merit on both sides of the Park Chu-Young issue. I do agree 1 goal and limited play is not enough data to go on. And yet, I did see some more of his play outside of the goal, to my (untrained) eyes was pretty lively, did well with movement outside of the ball, linked up well, pacey. But still – no doubt 1 game and 1 sub appearance in a Saudi Arabia Pro game – again not much to go on. But who knows, LDG out + whatever video Stielike was able to see for his minutes w/ Al Shabab + his past rep (circa 2011) –right or wrong, he thought there was merit to a PCY call up. My verdict: I can’t see the harm in the call up, but that’s just me. Anyway -am I missing something -what other striker options are there for the KNT? I am biased admittedly toward PCY but I’d consider myself a realist in that if he isn’t performing – we do need to look to other options…

      and yet we go around in circles as it’s the same story in some ways — limited options. Outside of that, of merit or meritocracy, I can’t invest too much emotional energy. The question of PCY -the one that I can’t really answer – is there a trajectory of improvement – and a real potential for him to perform – at least enough for what is needed anyway for the Asia Cup? I’m not taking a huge stake in this, I’ll simply wait and see what unfolds.

      • As far as “other” strikers go, don’t think many were even tested or given an opportunity. Nothing but merry-go-round between PCY-KSW-LDG. If they were tested, it was for short period and quickly shelved/judged.. which, I think is unfair on the players.

        • Holy crap, I say one thing and get annihilated. That’ll teach me to stay far away from the Park Chu-Young debate…

          My reasoning is this. I still believe that Park Chu-Young has the potential of being a consistent striker for the KNT. I believe that he has the potential of being able to play 90 minutes, get fit and peak into form for around the Asian Cup. I also believe that he, when fit, offers more than KSW and has more movement than KSD.

          It is perfectly reasonable for PCY to be called up as he is a player with so much potential, despite the fact that he’s aging, and that we simply have NO BETTER OPTION. I’m not a huge fan of KSD and KSW is just tall. (And he’s hurt.)

          Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a blind PCY fanboy. But I think he deserves another chance as he has been very effective for the KNT in the past.

          “Somewhat in form”? Ok, I see what you (aka everybody except Roy!) mean. But even when he’s not at his best, he still is better than KSD for me.

          Don’t twist my words and say that I’m a blind lover of PCY and hater of JSR. PCY has shown his worth and we have NOBODY ELSE who is of his potential talent level than him at his position.

          Tell me – do we have keepers who are better than JSR? Yes. JSR has never really made a big save or shown that he truly deserves to be on the team. KSG and KJH have been much more impressive in the recent friendlies, and I have to think sometimes – Man, if that was JSR in goal, we’d be conceding 3 maybe 4 goals.

          If LDG was fit then PJY would be too soon. But the fact of the matter is, this is a player who’s played in Europe. He got called to play there for a reason. And I think that he is able to regain his form with consistent playing time. Although he isn’t in form now, (I NEVER said he was “in form”, I said “somewhat” in form and perhaps even that is too strong a word) Stielike should definitely have a look at him before the Asian Cup, because if he’s scoring goals left and right for Al Shabab in December, and Stielike hasn’t even watched him in training, guess who everyone’s going to blame? Him.

          It’s easier to blame someone when you don’t put yourself in their shoes. PCY can CHANGE how the KNT plays. He can make or break a team. He’s worth another shot in a friendly.

          His inclusion is justified, given the lack of players in his position and the sheer quality he has when getting consistent playing time. We must give him a look before this very important tournament.

          Now tell me the two words I said wrong and write 30 comments on how I’m a blind football follower. Anyone?

          • Slightly cooled off – rant/passionate opinion over – forget what I said about the “two words I said wrong” thing. I realize that everyone’s just debating and stuff.

          • It really is too bad we have literally no better options. I have faith in KSD, idk why you don’t. I think at this time he is the rightful FW.

            Alternatively, we can wait for Kim Gun Hee and Hwang Hee Chan make their K League debuts next season. I will be watching keenly
            (lol that’s kinda creepy, it’s like a big brother is watching you kinda thing but then of course that’s kinda what Stielike does)

          • 1. As you pointed out, he is aging. That also means his overall ability as footballer is diminishing too. He isn’t the player with “potential” anymore. He is who he is (or better yet, “diminished”).

            2. Even if Korea (Asia in general) has dearth of FW talent, it’s unfair on other FWs to say PCY who didn’t play consistently for 1 or 2 (maybe longer) years, played poorly in World Cup (in pre-friendlies too), and who got multiple “chance” is better than them.

            I have seen very little of KSD and like you, I don’t rate him either. However, he (or other worthy players who are in form) at least deserve a chance to show what he can do with KNT over PCY. We simply have no idea if any of them are worse or better without testing them.

            3.) This is nothing but endless controversy over controversy for PCY in such short time. As a fan of PCY, it would have been much better if he stayed out of limelight, regain his form/fitness/mental wellness, and be judged based on “29 or 30+ year old PCY”. To test a 29 yr old forward with questionable fitness & form.. and expecting/hoping PCY of early 20s is completely unfair to him as well.

          • @Takeuchi if this post makes it down there (Disqus problems)

            1. I say potential because at his age, he’s expected to be at his prime. His career’s been interrupted however, so I’m not sure it’s a guarantee that he will be at his prime. I’m kind of saying, if there’s ever going to be a second coming of Ju-Young, it’s now, in my opinion.

            2. What other forwards?

            3. Agree somewhat. (Wow!) PCY’s caught a tough break, as he always seems to. He’s always going to have 1) haters 2) skeptical people, which is fine, but it’s tough on PCY, that anything, everything he does right now is going to be scrutinized really closely.

            @Everyone else
            Let’s just hope that PCY does well in his time left for the KNT.

          • “What other forwards”

            Exactly. It’s been nothing but PCY-LDG-KSW for the past 4 years, KNT forgot to test other forwards nor gave any of them their fair chance.

          • Yeah, this is what I’m saying to a certain extent. LDG is hurt. KSW is injured. If it comes down between an untested KSD and a half-fit (or whatever word you like there) PCY, 30 days before the Asian Cup selection,and we HAVE to choose one, I pick PCY.

            But I am surprised that KSD isn’t even in the reserves list.

            YSY not getting a callup, is again, controversial, but I can understand his reasoning behind it.

          • Takeuchi, I hear what you’re saying, however 29 isn’t that over the hill. Maybe I’m projecting since I’m old but back to the point – not to compare PCY to RVP, but in re: to age & performance, he really started getting into his groove in his late 20’s. It may be that PCY is on the downhill, but in a sense, it’s all relative. If he gets back into some kind of groove (the real clincher is can he stay healthy and not injured) I don’t think his age suggests that he can’t be an effective striker again – not 2011 PCY, but a different modified 2014-2015 PCY version that can contribute. Now 35 year old LDG -that is approaching the hill -like fast. Maybe I’m preaching to the choir as I know you haven’t ruled out PCY as a future option, our only disagreement is a minor one on how soon to bring PCY back to the KNT fold.

            To the other striker/FW option question: I did a lazy search of top K-league goalscorers.
            #1 LDG w/ 13 goals
            #2 Santos but he’s Brazilian (I think)
            #3 Lim Sang-Hyub w/ 11 for Busan (.35 avg goals/game)
            #4 Lee Jong-ho w/ 10 for Jeonnam (.37 avg goals/game)
            #5 Han Kyo-Won w/ 10 for Jeonbuk (.33 avg goals/game)

            If you subscribe to the notion that the top k-league goalscorer LDG might not be the best fit for the KNT for various reasons we’ve gone over in past Tavern posts, not to mention he’s injured (and can I say that other K-league defenses should reflect long and hard how it is that they’ve collectively allowed a 35 year old to get that kind of distinction), then the question about other FW options moves to these other possible players based solely on the numbers above. I have to admit to not being able to watch much K-league this season (kickoff time = past Tavern closing time), so I am left to wonder if Lim Sang-Hyub, Lee Jong-Ho or Han Kyo-won are truly viable options. I don’t know about Lee Jong-Ho, but I think Lim Sang-Hyub and more recently Han Kyo-Won have have gotten KNT minutes. Both didn’t seem to make much of an impression on me, but perhaps I missed their KNT contributions when watching on fuzzy streams.

          • As to the players listed, Lim Sang-hyub, Lee Jong-ho, and Han Kyo-won are all wide players. None of them play as an out and out center forward for their team (although Lim has been playing more centrally lately). Han Kyo-won has been called up to the team anyway, so he’s a bit moot to the here and now.

            I don’t think anyone, Roy, is ruling Park Chu-young out forever (like he’s completely finished), but some of us simply think that to make it to the NT you should have something recent on your resume. In the last two calendar years (2013-14) Park has made 18 club appearances and scored two goals (for Celta Vigo and Al Shabab), while making five NT appearances and scoring one goal. That makes a total of 23 appearances and three goals over two years. In that same time period Kim Seung-dae has made 61 appearances and scored 18 goals. Lee Dong-gook has made 87 appearances and scored 37 goals.

            The problem I have with the PCY crowd is that their argument is based on this hope that he’ll suddenly revert back to the player he was 3-4 years ago. And I just wonder what they see that makes them think this. Was it the World Cup? The tune up matches against Ghana and Tunisia? Greece? His nine minute cameo for Arsenal against Chelsea? Al Shabab? I’m all for wonderful narratives of a player making a spectacular comeback, but I just don’t see it now . . .

          • Jae, thanks for giving the skinny on Lim Sang-Hyub, Lee Jong-Ho & Han Kyo-won. wide players eh? i wonder if they can be converted for KNT purposes to play more central striker – maybe Lim?

            -and I have to reiterate that I don’t fundamentally disagree w/ you on PCY. I know you haven’t dismissed him as a future option – and yes, usually I subscribe to a more substantial ‘recent resume’ for a call up. No disagreements from me. Cogent argument from you: KSD warrant more of a call up than PCY -9 goals for Pohang – not lighting it up, but not drop in the bucket #s. But Stielike called PCY instead. I’m not about blind trust – it could be the wrong move on Stielike’s part. But call up is a done deal so at this point I’m we’ll all hyper observe PCY on how he is rated in training camp and if he does anything of note in the friendlies should he get minutes. bada bing bada bang.

            Like I said earlier, I got no dog in this fight. I’d have been fine if PCY didn’t get called up, but whatevs. Takeuchi on twitter said there are more controversial selections than PCY – Kim Chang-soo for one.

            There seems to be the endless loop here and anywhere else Korean football is being discussed, the eternal LDG / PCY / KSW merry go round. Kim Seung-dae offers a potential reprieve. But apart from him, again, what are the KNT striker options right now? LDG and KSW are injured. Are there any other names realistically right now for the Nov friendlies and in general in the here and now? Not Lee Young-Jae obviously…

          • Lim is a decent finisher, but he’s not really a CF. Especially if Korea insists on continuing their tactic of long balls and crosses into the box.

            Another issue I have is one that Takeuchi addresses in one of his comments. Yes, we may lack “proven” CF’s but I don’t really see the need for a true 9. Korea has a wealth of attacking wing forwards and attacking midfielders, so why not use that to our advantage (a bit like Germany). I wouldn’t mind seeing a 4-3-1-2/4-4-2 diamond that lacks a true 9. Something like:
            Son HM – Nam TH
            Lee CY
            Kim MW – Ki SY – Han KY

          • This is my take on “what other options do we have” argument.

            Even if “we” don’t rate the players, if they are doing well, I believe they deserve a fair crack at national teams. Park Joo-Hoo, Kim Min-Woo, and even Cho Yeong-Cheol comes to mind. These are 3 players most often ignored & simply was not rated based on past “youth” tournaments. However, due to their good form with their clubs (well, not CYC), many of us have found out they can be useful players for national teams. CYC was more often than not was used as wide forward in J-league. He showed he could be useful (at least more than LDG). So, for “what other options do we have argument”.. lets test others players. If a players is doing well in K-league (based on K-league standard), he deserves a fair crack & examination as a player. KNT created this “predicament” & this obsession with throwing everything under one basket (PCY & LSW next as the next FW messiah) has to stop.

            PCY for the past 2 years had multiple chances. Only data I have learned from “unfit” & “not in form” PCY has been nothing but disappointment. It also caused endless controversy over controversy for him. However, we are repeating the same mistake with PCY. We are throwing him under the “bus” based on what he achieved back in his early 20s & hoping that same PCY will resurface. I find this to be unfair on him as history shows, it’s really difficult to do so. As a fan of PCY, for the good for KNT & PCY in general.. he should be properly given a chance & judged once he regains his fitness & form.

          • @Jae

            Perhaps you and I should have just written a blog entry on PCY & potential tactical line-up without PCY.

            Flexible 4-3-1-2/4-4-2 Diamond is what I have wanted to see since last World Cup. The obsession and reliance (along with searching for one) on “true #9” really annoyed me. Oh well…

    • I don’t really have a problem with PCY being included as its obvious we have no real options up top, and he has the most experience playing internationally.

      Regarding JSR, I think you’re as wrong as can be. We have talented options in goal. You’re also running on the assumption that if he plays out of his tree, this should translate to an ability to play well against other national sides.

      He has been included when he was playing well, and he has clearly showed an inability to deal with top foreign sides. His positioning is usually horrendous when the net is seriously threatened and he loses his focus way too much for my comfort level. His best World Cup was probably in Germany but even then he was sketchy as hell when it counted. A lot of the same mistakes he made in that WC was displayed once again in South Africa and Brazil.

      Do you think he’s suddenly going to improve in areas that appear to be part of his makeup (e.g.,. decision-making, mentality, attitude when the going gets rough).

      Its time to move on and for JSR to step aside. The new guard should be given all the experience they need to develop for the next World Cup.

      • Kimchi and Tim, I don’t know what y’all are watching. First of all, I’m not saying to put JSR in. I’m saying if he’s good enough he should play. I don’t think he’ll improve which is why I really don’t care whether he’s in or not. I have no horse in this race. My preference would be for someone younger to step up. However, if no one does and JSR is playing better than the other GK options, then of course you have to use him. The very fact that you two disagree with this shows blind emotion. Second, no, the GK talent is NOT significantly better than JSR. Thinking JSR would have given up 3 or 4 more is just emotional speculation. His positioning has generally been decent. His problems have always been very little reflexes, too much passivity, and zero leadership. I do agree that he has shown that on the NT he seems to wilt under pressure. However, all that means nothing if the other GK’s are WORSE. If we’re not delusional, you HAVE to say that the other younger keepers are marginal at BEST. Again, to disagree with that at this particular point in time is simply delusional. Is there potential? Maybe. But Kim has not shown me much except better aggression and reflexes. The others are just whatever.

        Again, whoever is playing the best should play. This goes for PJY. If he’s playing the best and he’s consistent, he’s worthy enough to play. If he’s not, then he shouldn’t, especially with the new cycle. Surprise. The same goes for JSR and whoever else. I don’t have to convince you to like him. Heck, I don’t even like him. But, if JSR happens to be the best available, I’m sure as heck not going to be crying about why is JSR in the lineup.

        You know what would solve this problem? If these other GK’s would DO something or show something significant. As of yet, I don’t trust any of them, whether JSR or anyone else. So I’ll let Stieleke figure it out… Since that is in my control after all, to bequeath him of those powers. Lol

        • I think Kim Seung-Gyu and Kim Jin-Hyeon have made some fantastic saves that Jung Sung-Ryong would not have stopped. Hey if he’s tearing up the K-League and the BEST goalie out there, then of course he should get called up. When did I say he shouldn’t? If I did, I take that back. That would be close-minded (?) of me.

          But the fact of the matter is, he is not tearing it up nor is his athletic ability very good. Kim Seung-Gyu and Kim Jin-Hyeon have been impressive in recent friendlies. Do I dislike JSR? Ofc. But honestly, to suggest that JSR has close to the ability to make the saves that KSG and KJH have in recent time is laughable. Did you watch the Thailand Asian Games game? The two INCREDIBLE saves that KSG made in quick succession. Do you honestly think that JSR would have stopped both of them, if the first one?

          In any case, I get where you’re coming from, and it make sense in certain respects to me. But I oppose 100% to the argument that I am judging players on emotional blindness. I am judging them on what they have shown, what I believe they can show, and if there’s anyone who deserves a callup in their place.

          And to be clear, the only thing I said about JSR is that 1) I hated him and 2) I think there are 3 better goalies then him in the K-League right now.

          I never mixed the two, nor do I intend to, nor do I think I do, nor should anyone believe I think in that way.

          Anyhow, I’ve given my arguments why I think PJY should be included and why JSR is a questionable inclusion for me. I don’t believe I’m just going with my emotional state here. I think we’re at the point in this comments thread that is: “Enough arguing. Let’s move on.”

          Let’s agree to disagree, eh?

          • I never argued whether JSR would have made the saves or not and neither did I argue that JSR is tearing it up. In fact, I noted that his reflexes are sub-par. Plus, I’m going off of repeated comments you’ve made, not just here. You have, in fact, argued that he shouldn’t be considered at all as has Kimchi. However, if it’s just points 1 and 2 you were stating that’s fine, as 1 is your feelings and I can sympathize and 2 is a legitimate argument and I’d be happy to agree to disagree or even possibly agree. Other than that your clarification is one I can agree with. Therefore, in light of your reply I will withdraw my complaint regarding emotional blindness.

            Since we have cleared that up, I’m willing to still push back on point two though it’s a defensible argument. Still, to say they are significantly better because of a couple saves doesn’t really prove anything to me at least. Their positioning is not significantly better than JSR, and frankly, if we want to point out those saves, we better be willing to break down their other flaws and mistakes, which have been about as bad as JSR in my humble opinion. I don’t get inspired with confidence from these other goalies. I’ll admit, though, maybe that’s MY emotional blindness, lol. I hope the guys you mentioned get better and pan out. I really do.

            What I don’t get is why is our GK so bad? Is it just me or doesn’t it seem like they are worse than in years past?

          • Not to beat a dead horse, but yes, I have argued he shouldn’t be considered ever again in the World Cup post-mortem hangout and stuff. But I was steaming mad at his incompetence and still am to a certain extent, but after all this discussion, I recognize that it makes some sense for him to be called up.

        • Hmmm my bad…confused…thats right we had Kalbi in the Elvis stage at that one…. World Cup 2010 then. Vs Uruguay in particular. Forlan’s cross Im talking. He makes that same mistake over and over again against top sides.

          I just don’t think he has what it takes to play at a top level aptitude wise. To me thats everything. Mental toughness and the ability to not be intimidated. Young skinny Lee Won Jae most definitely had that, and we shouldn’t settle for anything less.

          JSR is fine against Asian sides or in the Kleague but he’d seriously have to play on another level for me to reconsider him for another cup, and he doesn’t have it in him. Thats why using his performances in the Kleague seems so useless to me. 2014 was the year I wrote him off completely more or less.

          Therefore, lets develop other options and give them the most time possible to get ready for 2018. They’re young and malleable. And most importantly, show more promise than JSR at this point.

          • In a perfect world PJY didn’t look a shell of himself and JSR didn’t regress in his abilities and lose more and more confidence as the World Cup approached and the Defense didn’t look clueless and the midfield wasn’t a one man unit. I’m really hoping that I’m not putting too much hopes onto the younger generations, but I think I am. lol.

          • You know when you think about it again you realize that the goals or near goals (Forlanesque) that JSR gets caught out of position all the time do have everything to do with that horrid and porous defense line so maybe its a bit harsh to blame those goals squarely on JSR. One things for sure, you rarely if ever see goals like that at the World Cup. I mean those are bush league goals you rarely ever see at that level.

          • I don’t want to jump into another argument, but Akinfeev/Green are just shockers – meaning they don’t happen often at that level.

            I personally feel that JSR, although he hasn’t made any incredible shocking failures, hasn’t been up to scratch in the two World cups, making some poor mistakes.

            I wouldn’t call them “bush league” though

          • Again, it happens often.. including shockers. World Cup isn’t the highest level of football. JSR was bad, but Iker Casillas was just as bad for Spain in 2014.

    • Actually I would have liked to see a 4-3-3 tested in a pohang style with lee myeong joo and kim seung dae. Then kim min woo on the left and son on the right (both good goal scorers). HKY/someone and park joo ho in the deeper midfield spots. Maybe to rest key players (ki chungy nam) against scrub opposition. Any thoughts or should I not try to analyze soccer.

      • Eh, might work against weaker opposition. LMJ-KSD had some great linkup play for Pohang and I think if KSD really wants to establish himself as a KNT player, we need to test and see some of that chemistry between the two.

        We all have our ideal formation/team but to be honest I’m not sure this is something Stielike would go with.

        You’re totally free and even encouraged to analyze, especially here lol.

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