Midweek Listing November 4

It’s all on Tuesday: Champions League action and an English Championship game. Going straight up to Korean Footballers Abroad for this one:

Son Heung Min and Leverkusen go to FC Zenit.  Note the early noon ET / 1 AM Korea start time.  On Fox Soccer Plus / DirecTV / ESPN3 in the US.

Lee Chung Yong and Bolton host Kim Bo Kyung’s Cardiff at 3PM ET / 4AM Korea Time.  No TV in the US.  No Kim Bo Kyung last weekend and doubt any change midweek.  Chungy on the other hand scored his first goal of the season last Saturday and continues his great run of form for Bolton, and looks re-energized by Lennon’s faith in him.

There’s no midweek K-League games. >>> Tim jumping in…. in fact there is one. In the K-League Challenge Ansan Police play Anyang in a game that was rescheduled from earlier in the year. If Ansan lose or draw, Daejeon Citizen will clinch the title and promotion. An Ansan win keeps Daejeon’s inevitable promotion celebrations on hold. The game is Wednesday at 5:30am EST, 7:30pm KST. There is no TV, but Daum, Afreeca and Naver will stream.

Back to Roy…

Meanwhile congratulations are in order to Western Sydney for their first Asian title, beating Kwak Tae-Hwi’s Al Hilal in Saudia Arabia for the 2nd leg. The atmosphere, both in Australia and in Saudia Arabia was exemplary – packed stadiums of 65,000+ for the final 2nd leg game, and hundreds (maybe a thousand) cheering supporters for the Wanderers in the airport on their return back to Sydney.  Korea FA: you all got to figure out a way to get the masses off their ass’z and get them into the stadiums in Korea AND get some TV coverage, especially for Asian Champions League fixtures.  Other Asian countries are stepping up, so Korea got to represent to support the boys better.

>> Tim jumping in again… on Wednesday at 9am EST, 11pm KST (check that time though), Qatar SC play, team of Cho Young-Cheol and Han Kook-Young.

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  1. Brace from SHM. Nice.

    Hey, Takeuchi. You still think Mignolet is the weakest link on the squad? Meant as sincere not snarky question.

    • Yes, he is. One good game where Liverpool decided to park the bus against uninspired Real Madrid team isn’t going to change the past 1 and half year of blunders by him.

      • He was decent last year and both this year and last year, you can’t completely fault him when the defense has been HORRIBLE. I mean, that part isn’t even debatable. Granted, I’ve not been able to watch as much this year, so I guess you’d know more. I really don’t see how you can say he was that bad last year. There were some games where he was literally the only guy doing anything on defense.

        • Mignolet’s Liverpool career started out okay. However, ever since the 2nd half last season.. it’s been downhill. Remember, majority of his blunders were forgiven or forgotten because we were scoring for fun. For a team who value possession, his ability with his feet & distribution is cack.

          This season? Just downright awful. Our defense? Yes, although it isn’t just about the defense (you argue we should purchase new defenders. we did nothing but spend on defenders the past 2 seasons). Our pressing from midfield (including FWs) is non-existent compared to last season & we were always terrible at defending set-piece (again, not helped by GK who doesn’t know how to command his box.. nor has confidence in himself).

          Btw, what did you mean by I can’t completely fault Mignolet? I didn’t (although.. i could on many occasion.. especially this season).. simply pointed out he is the weakest link in our team.

          • Ok. I understand the point in your last paragraph. I can’t really argue too much with what you said. However, my point on purchasing defenders is getting good defenders. Just because you buy them doesn’t mean you picked up good ones. Sadly, I’m concerned this means that BR is indeed turning out to be overrated.

          • Defense & BR’s history in transfermarkt (flat out horrible if you exclude Coutinho and Sturridge. Purchased too many “raw” players & he’s ignoring players like SUSO because he wasn’t his purchase) is different topic from Mignolet being the weakest link in Liverpool.

            Anyways, we did purchase few good defenders, Sakho, Moreno, and Flanagan was revelation last season (not that BR purchased him). I like what I’m seeing from Manniquillo & Skrtel has been our most consistent defender (at times, he was considered the best in the world). Lovren was “proven” EPL defender, even if he isn’t worthy of 20m pound investment.

            As for our defense, the main problem is with the scheme used by BR & constant change in the back-line (no real stability). Mignolet, well…. in general, the only constant in our defense & he has been nothing but disaster.

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