Channeling Paul the Octopus

So, way back in December the then three Tavern writers (myself, Roy, and Jinseok) did a podcast after the World Cup draw and predicted who would emerge from each group. Now that the group stage is done with, did any of us successfully channel our inner Paul the Octopus?

Roy’s Picks
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Jinseok’s Picks
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Jae’s Picks
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Actual Results
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With 16 possible correct answers, Roy picked 10 correctly (Brazil, Colombia, France, Argentina, Germany, Mexico, Italy, Uruguay, Switzerland, and Nigeria). Jinseok picked 7 correctly (Brazil, Colombia, France, Argentina, Germany, Uruguay, Nigeria). I picked 8 correctly (Brazil, Netherlands, Colombia, France, Argentina, Germany, Chile, Uruguay).

Looking at who correctly predicted who would advance (but not necessarily in the correct order). Roy successfully predicted advancement for 11 teams (same as above plus Belgium). Jinseok successfully predicted advancement for 9 teams (same plus the Netherlands and Belgium). I successfully predicted advancement for 9 teams as well (same plus Belgium).

We were all let down by Japan (go figure) as all three of us predicted them to finish behind Colombia. Similarly we all thought Italy would top group D. We all also, somewhat optimistically, predicted Korea to top group H (how wrong we were).

Roy was most successful at picking the runner-ups, getting Mexico and Switzerland correct. I managed to successfully predict that Spain would go out of the group stage.

So, if you decide to bet on any outcomes in the future, you know who to ask.

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  1. I spoke to Paul before this tournament and asked what he thought about the Korean team and their chances, he sprayed ink on my face and told me to fuck off.

    He was right.

  2. I would start new career to give competition to Nate Silver except for the part about Korea topping group H. Meh, I’ll keep my day job ..I thought it interesting Korea beat Switzerland and Greece in friendlies during past year, but beating a Costa Rica C team during mini USA tour was not terribly meaningful. Their A squad meanwhile has been incredibly impressive in WC on the other hand.

    The more impressive fact is Jae predicting Spain’s exit. I could not foresee that

  3. Ah, I wasn’t on board for this! In a fantasy pool I did with friends I got 8 correct.

    To be fair, I predicted Costa Rica drawing England 🙂 But that was kind of a fluke.

    Anyhow, I heard that Lee Young-Pyo had also channeled his inner octopus?

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