South Korea WC Post-Mortem (Google Hangout Link)

At 6PM EDT, Friday, June 27/7AM KST, Saturday, June 28 the Tavern writers will gather again to discuss and dissect Korea’s poor 2014 World Cup showing, as well as take a look at what changes should/need to be made in preparation for the upcoming Asian Cup and 2018 World Cup.

You can view the event live here

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    • I expect him to go to a Championship (England) or smaller French side. That seems to be where the most interest is. China or the Mid East will probably be an option as well. There was an article on OSEN (I think) that said a return to the K League is unlikely. Park’s wage demands probably the main reason.

    • Tbh, I don’t see him getting much playing time at a higher level Championship/French squad. He’s not that good of a player when he’s not in form. Clubs don’t want the kind of PJY we saw this WC.

      A K-League return might do him to most good in terms of playing time, but Jae raises a very good point about his wages.

      I’m seriously worried for his future in Europe – I hope he has one, but tbh, I don’t see a bright future there anymore for PJY.

  1. Didn’t get to answer that question on the hangout sorry, but Jae mentiond that its possible he heads to a lower European side

    To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him come back to the K-League now. But I’m not the domestic expert. Just the dumb Daejeon Citizen fan who stays up/wakes up for their games. and I really like what Seo Myung-Won is doing there.

    The hangout was awesome guys, thanks for tuning in!

  2. Seriously…that part where Jin and Jae were going back and forth with the “ go ahead”…that was scripted right?


    no way man.

  3. And we didnt underrate Algeria….are you kidding me? You could say something like that if we played half way decent…and even then people would call you out.

    Make absolutely no doubt about….please don’t try and fluff our performance this cup in any favorable look on the bright side perspective. These team does not need to be coddled and the fans should not disillusion themselves. Something must be done, reform is needed. Algeria kicked our ass. Strictly from a physical perspective I must highlight. Beating a team like Algeria or Ghana is not going to happen with a team like ours.

    Koo must be sore just from having to stand up too much.

    • We didn’t underrate Algeria? From when the draw was made until right before the WC, people were talking like Algeria was a guaranteed 3 points. Perhaps we have different definitions for the word?

      My point (not sure if it came through) is that everyone involved with this team has been disillusioned by the progress made over the past 12 years. Everyone involved has become far too arrogant. No one is trying to “fluff” the performances or coddle the team. Changes do need to be made, but they need to be thought through and well planned. We don’t need a knee-jerk reaction that sets the team back even more.

  4. I think sometimes you guys and a lot of people use Choi Kang Hee as a kind of scapegoat. Yes, he was not a good manager. But… he also didn’t exactly have time to mold the team. I remember lot of people complained about his “long-ball” tactics. So then if that’s the case, why did Hong Myung Bo call up Kim Shin Wook and still use the long ball to hit his big ole head? If those tactics were so bad, it seems like our current coach still wants to use them. Also, many complained that Choi Kang Hee for never wanting to call up Park Chu Young. Well, we all know what happened from Hong sticking by Mr. Park in the last WC.
    I’m no fan of Choi Kang Hee. He was a dousche especially when he insulted Iran and their coach before they whooped our ass, but other than that, I don’t think we should just blame him for Korea’s problems. The real blame is the KFA for, as you said, “not thinking it through.” Also, a lot of the blame must go on the players themselves. In the end, they are the ones on the pitch. Looking at the 2014 World Cup and blaming a previous coach isn’t really constructive. Look at Mexico and how many terrible coaches they had leading up to the 2014 WC; in that department, they beat Korea. Yet the players pulled it together for this WC. Nobody even cares about their former coaches now because the Mexican players are kicking ass. Leave Mr. Choi in the history book. It’s done, and I think it’s a bit pathetic/useless for us to blame him for 2014. How do we fix the current coach and players? (not a question for you guys, but just a question for the KFA in general)

    • Agree with some of your points but difference b/w HMB and CKH were huge in a number of categories. Yes KSW was brought in and long ball strategy used, it wasn’t elegant. Plan A was to finesse and use a more intelligent passing game to set up opportunities to score. When that didn’t work for a variety of reasons, KSW direct approach was a (desperate for lack of options) plan B. Brought in 2nd half against Algeria, mixed results. Starting against Belgium, they didn’t automatically go long ball, they worked their way to bring the ball forward, then utilized his height when it was more opportune. They utilized KSW way better, but his own awkwardness with his own ground game limited him.

      Critique over CKH and his mismanagement of personnel during his tenure is warranted. Korea’s form dissipated the most in that span of time. But you and I are in the same page about this, the culture at KFA, the knee jerk manner and short sightness that manifested in hiring CKH when he didn’t want the job are at the root of the blame in all this. He’s ultimately not the responsible party here, the KFA absolutely is.

      Lastly, I stand resolute that PCY was the only striker option we had at the time prior to WC. Look at the difficulty in finishing during 2nd half vs Belgium. Granted, his ‘disappearance’ particularly during game 2 was cause for benching, but when PCY is on, he’s ON and is our best option. Look, vs Greece in March case in point despite lack of playing time. But in Brazil like others in the team this WC, he wasn’t effective. Hong took a Big gamble in 2012 on PCY despite a year virtually not playing for arsenal, it paid off Big, like military exemption for Ki and others Big. Hong gambled again in 2014. This time gamble didn’t have pay off. He has to roll the dice, that’s the nature of the beast when there are a lack of striker options at Korea’s disposal.

      • The problem is not “we signed Choi Kang Hee” although he did mess up the KNT, the bigger problem is “we signed Choi Kang Hee KNOWING that we were going to scramble for a manager afterwards since CKH said he was going to step down after qualification”.

        That’s the bit that really bothers me.

        • I have to agree with Jon to an extent. It’s time to stop the ‘blame Choi Kang-Hee’ stuff. He didn’t help the NT, but he’s not the reason why we’re they way we are now. As Jon mentioned, Mexico (and Croatia I believe) hired their managers later than we did and put in much better showings than we did. The main problem is that too many starting players found themselves in situations where they were not playing regularly for their clubs. Park Chu-Young, Koo Ja-Cheol, Hong Jeong-Ho, Yoon Suk-Young, and to a lesser extent Lee Chung-Yong and Ki Sung-Yueng all missed significant time this past year. Include bench players and that list is extended to include Ji Dong-Won, Kim Bo-Kyung, and Hwang Seok-Ho.

          One Korean journalist from OSEN put it best, Hong’s main principle of only choosing players who were playing regularly for their clubs was right, the problem was that he broke that principle too much and ended up selecting names and on-paper quality instead.

          • Playing time for clubs in Europe is an excellent point to bring up. Then again, the mini USA tour may have shown what the domestic players who had consistent playing time could do and more consequently what they couldn’t do.

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