Feb 4-5 Roundup / Koo and Son: Difference makers last weekend

Quick roundup:

Ki wasn’t in the 18 (probably still injured) as Swansea couldn’t capitalize on Siggurdson’s equalizer at Man City, lose 1-2

Lee Chong-Yong wasn’t in the 18 – maybe for the better as Crystal Palace was ponderous in it’s 0-4 whipping by Sunderland. CP are in deep trouble and sit in the rel’zone

Son: wasn’t perfect but a very good shift last Saturday. He was hard working, displayed class with some excellent touches, and a constant menace for Middlesboro down the left side as part of Spurs front four attack. A few wasteful shots didn’t detract from his overall impressive contribution and spot on deadly crosses (one that Kane absolutely should’ve buried). The deciding goal was a penalty that Son earned after some deft footwork, allowed him to find space suddenly surging toward his right. After getting tripped up in the area, Kane converted the penalty and Spurs took all three points. Spurs should’ve been more clinical, but otherwise were dominant. Son won Man of the Match.

Heon – who we usually are fortunate to have around to cull Son’s ball touches – was just discovered by the copywrite police at the premier league – who yanked his ball touch vid from Saturday – that was more comprehensive – we’ll see if we can find another ball touch video – but it was a good game for the ambidextrous winger.


In Germany, Koo scored the 3rd goal for Augsburg – turned out to be the equalizer in a wild 3:2 win that was won in the last second of stoppage time – Koo able to control a long ball – he flicks it to an open Bobadilla and the newly returned forward did not miss. Ji had a good shift as well.  Post match: Koo looks to have suffered ligament damage during the game from a poorly timed challenge. 


Extra time:

This player (at least for me) came out of the blue: Park Yi-Young made his debut for St Pauli 2 weekends ago and started again this weekend.

According to Steve Han, Park was playing in the Philippenes 2nd Division 3 years ago!

Last weekend’s match, Park garnered more accolades as St Pauli’s twitter proclaimed that the youngster was winning practically every ball.  Definitely a player to keep monitoring.



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