Google Hangout LIVE: Women’s World Cup, K-League, KNT [update]

Join the Tavern writers Jinseok, Tim and old Taverrn Owner Roy (back from hiatus) in a few hours as we discuss the Taeguk Ladies history making run in the 2015 Women’s World Cup, as well as developments in the K-League, how the KNT is faring before August’s East Asian Cup, and more -including answering YOUR questions (not to late to submit questions, see here for more details). This is our first Hangout with new Tavern contributor Nicole Chung!

UPDATE: Steve Han (reporter for Chosun and Koream) will join us briefly midway to talk about Lee Seung-Woo / Paik Seung-Ho – and the attempt to sift through fact from speculation regarding their Barca B “promotion.”

The hangout will be streamed live today starting at 6 PM EST on July 7th, 2015

::Central Time 5PM, Mountain 4PM, Pacific Time: 3PM.

In Korea, translates to Wed morning July 8th at 7AM Korea Time; wherever in the world you are, make sure you adjust your schedules accordingly!

Fret not if you can’t see broadcast live, this will be archived on YouTube for all eternity (or until a robotic uprising launches us into a dystopian future – one without YouTube and the deletion of millions of cat videos).



TECHNICAL difficulties – sorry !  here’s part 2 live now, where we answer all the mailbag questions



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