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  1. I was watching Sky Sports depressed:

    And a departure from Arsenal today – Korean striker
    at this point I’m shouting in joy
    Ju Yung Park (Wut Sky Sports wut?)
    and this point I’m jumping on the couch
    is heading on a loan deal
    by now I’ve done 100 laps of the house
    to Watford
    by now I stop, think “Oh, Park. What has happened to your career”. And then continue laps of pure ecstasy.

  2. To be fair, he’s at Watford because he was desperate to play and needed anyone that could use him and have a deal worked out with Arsenal.

  3. heard nam tae hee has scored in four straight games at Lekhwiya. any chance we see him called up again for KNT? always thought he had superior individual skill and footwork, just lacked consistency and vision.

    • he has a good chance of making subsequent callups or even the world cup squad
      Since if
      SHM – KJC – LCY is our starting lineup…

      The three to replace them would be
      KBK – LSG – NTH
      JDW – KBK – NTH

      He’s definitely our Alt-A on the RW position


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