midweek round up + Park Chu-Young transfer?

Midweek round up: “shi-jak”


Kim Bo-Kyung came in the 52nd minute for an injured Jordan Mutch, Cardiff goes down 2-0 to Manchester United – remains at the bottom of the table. The Bluebirds are in a bit of trouble…

Lee Chung-Yong subbed in the 58th minute for Neil Dans in Bolton’s 2-1 loss to QPR.


Ki Sung-Yeung went 90 minutes – Sunderland crawls out of the relegation zone with a 1-0 win over Stoke.

Mexico 4 : Korea 0  – while it’s not a good result – Hong Myong-bo is looking at the big picture – namely a loss brings into sharp focus the underwhelming players that he can eliminate from the eventual 23 man roster for the World Cup.  More on this result later- there’s 1 more game in the mini tour -USA at the Stubb Hub Center in Carson California on Saturday 2pm PST/5pm EST on ESPN2.


Today is transfer deadline day -only a few hours left to decide Park Chu-Young’s fate. There are indications that a deal is being worked out between Nantes and Arsenal. We will update as we get more information throughout the day, stay tuned…



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  1. From goal.com:

    “Arsenal have loaned out flop forward Park Chu-Young to Watford.

    I remember years ago when they signed the South Korean, from Monaco when they got relegated before the massive cash influx. Has he scored even a single goal since then for them?!”


    • he scored vs Bolton in 2011 carling cup. it was wonderfully struck goal. wenger just never gave him a chance to build up from there.

  2. Goal’s comments were quite harsh, but I have to say that fans of PCY are real quick to blame Wenger. I don’t think we get the full picture though.
    PCY practices with Arsenal, so in a sense he has gotten chances to build every day at practice. And I REALLY believe that if Park showed the potential to be a key player for Arsenal, Wenger would have definitely played him! Coaches want to win games. And right now, Arsenal are doing just that… without Park. We don’t know what has gone on in the Arsenal camp, but to me all signs point to PCY just not cutting it.
    Wenger loaned him out to Celta Vigo last year. He scored for them at first, but after that… he was in a similar situation as he was at Arsenal… riding the bench. Is that Wenger’s fault too? There’s only one connection there, and that’s Park himself.
    It’s a REALLY shitty situation for PCY. No doubt his confidence has fallen big time. Having said that, PCY made the choice to go to Arsenal over Lille. If you go to one of the best clubs in the world, you’d better bring your A-game every minute, or you’re not gonna succeed. By the way, Park isn’t the only one at Arsenal who is consistently passed over. Is Wenger supposed to play every striker he has to give them a chance?
    The bottom line is, as long is Arsenal is winning (they’re second in the Premier League but were first for most of last year), nobody is going to question Wenger for his player choices. Us fans want Park to get the chance to play, but Wenger wants to win, not give his players a chance to please their fans. It sucks, I know..

    • John, I agree. As much as I’m saying that PJY is the best we got on the KNT, I’ve never contended that PJY deserved to be starting for Arsenal, and I thought he was a bit overrated. Like you, I assumed that PJY was just not cutting it in practice, and that was the reason he wasn’t playing. I actually thought when he first made the move that he shouldn’t have gone to Arsenal and was concerned he wouldn’t play much. I thought it would have been nice to go to a mid-table team in the EPL. Hopefully he tears it up now that he’s moved.

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