Hong Myeong-Bo To Resign

Yesterday evening the KFA suddenly announced that Hong Myeong-Bo would hold a press conference this morning (Friday, Korea time). They didn’t say why, but cable news station MBN reported that Hong would step down as national team manager. Through the night the story grew, and a KFA source told other media outlets that it was true.

If it does come to pass, then it would be a shocking turn of events given how the KFA publicly backed the embattled manager after arriving back in Korea.

The press conference will begin at 10AM KST (9PM EDT). Watch this space for confirmation of Hong’s resignation.

Just in: HMB has officially announced his resignation as the South Korea National Team coach (9:18 PM EST).

Huh-Jung Moo, vice-president of the KFA, has also resigned. Hwang bo Kwan (KNT Technical director, resigns also (10:10 PM EST).


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  1. Wow… well, sum1 pointed out perfectly, if mebbe he really didn’t want the job after SK’s exit (he did offer to resign), there’s no pt trying to change his mind/forcing him to stay. There’s gotta b real passion & desire, not reluctance; that lesson was hard learned w/ CKH.

    Shame the HMB experiment went down like this. Outta curiosity, what’re the odds of Hong mebbe gettin another shot? Both him wanting it & KFA wanting him? & I also vaguely remember him accepting the job reluctantly in the 1st place, saying he didn’t feel he was ready yet (which turned out 2 b tru, props 4 objectivity/knowing himself)

  2. TBH…the blood coursing through my SK Football cardio system is running grey. Im so blah right now, this news barely registered. Thanks for the headsup though.

  3. WTF. hong myung bo should stay as coach because he is a young promising coach and the Korean national team can only improve on at this point.

  4. I’m really curious who the next national team coach will be. But because the KNT is so biased towards Korean coaches, it will probably be Hwang Sun Hong. I really want to see a foreign coach like Japan had for the last few years.

    • I think any Korean coach would be wary to take this post right now. Seems like a career killer. Some of the knuckleheads in the KFA need to get their asses fired. Huh needs to stand his ass up and get dirty otherwise he’s a similar clown in my book. I like the man but this stupid federation is running rickshaw right now.

  5. as for HMB wanting out after Algeria, who wouldn’t lol… They lost 4-2 in the “weakest” team of the group. Suddenly there is a ton of negativity towards HMB, for buying some land and being happy at a party after the Belgium game lol. We condemn the yeot throwers but they are the ones who have it right because they stick to their views. We on the other hand love HMB one second and suddenly lose respect for him. We are fickle and change our minds like a girl changes clothes

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