UPDATED: Hong Myung-Bo + 2 KFA officials resign

Update 1: Huh Jung-Moo, VP of the KFA, has just stepped down as well. Major shakeup.

Update 2: Also, technical director Hwangbo Kwan has resigned. Three major positions emptied. In another press conference, senior KFA officials bowed their heads in apology. Fresh start?

Confirmation: the manager that led Korea to the World Cup, Hong Myung-Bo, has resigned.

The move came as surprising seeing that just several days earlier, the KFA persuaded Hong to stay on until the end of his contract, which expired after the 2015 Asian Cup.

In the press conference, Hong took full responsibility for the poor showing at the World Cup, saying that he had made all the decisions. He also apologized for the poor performance to the nation. He also revealed that he had thought about resigning after the Algeria game.

This turn of events means that Korea will have a 4th manager in just 3 years. It’s a rare failure for the man who had an illustrious playing career, captaining the team to a 4th place finish at the 2002 World Cup.

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  1. I can’t say I agree with his decision but it’s his to make. Either way, our decision is made for us. Let’s hope the next 4 years are a stable and productive one under consistent leadership.

    Hopefully Hong gains more experience elsewhere. Who knows. He might come back one day.

    • Sad day. Wish he stayed – these were all learning experiences. I hate the sensationalist media and fickle fans of korea. Seriously most of them have no idea about football.

  2. I was conversing with someone on twitter and I suggested the idea of David Moyes potentially being our next manager. It’s a farfetched idea but I think he’s one of the best managers out there without a club at the moment. Yes, he did horrible at United but we can’t be greedy because no one wants to come into a job expecting to win the next competitive competition which is less than six months away.

  3. Hey, will u guys b making a post soon on potential coaching candidates? Also, how must the KFA change institutionally to foster consistent success?

    • Coaching candidates? Maybe once more names start coming out. Right now just a couple Korean ones, and no foreign.

      KFA? Everyone (sans me) is working on a big post about that and more.

  4. We need to sign a manager with lots of international experience. It would be godsend if we can land someone like Giovanni Trapattoni or Frank Rijkaard.

  5. I love Bob Bradley as the next KNT coach. I watched a PBS documentary about his 2011-13 rein as coach of Egypt during turbulent and violent times there, and he came across as someone with incredible character and intelligence. He’d be a home run hire for me. Check out this preview of the doc http://youtu.be/D7tJVS_ZVyI

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