Is Mix Diskerud Set To Join The K League (We Asked Him)

From @MixDiskerud

There’s rumours that a bombshell transfer may be soon to hit the K League – this is one for our US-based fans.

Earlier today, @KORFootballNews reported that former USMNT and NYCFC player Mix Diskerud would be heading to Ulsan Hyundai. Diskerud hinted as much on his personal twitter account:

We reached out to Diskerud for a comment regarding these rumours:

Park Jong-woo has inspired me. I admire team players who dare to be individuals on other arenas, or in other walks of life. When we played KOR, in California, I swapped jerseys with him. So I would say it is him, M*A*S*H, squid, and the fascination with rocket science flush toilets.

-Mix Diskerud to the Tavern

However, there is no confirmation or indication that Mix has signed off on anything, not to mention he is well known for that trademark humour. Make of that what you will. 

So all that’s left to ask is – is Mix Diskerud set to join the K League and (cringy pun alert) set to mix up the title race?


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    • Radi, I don’t know for sure. I know that a few American players have played in the K League. However, I don’t think a USMNT-capped player has ever played in the K League. I think he will be the first. And what a first he would be!

    • Not exactly the trajectory that people thought he was going to take when he virtually came out of nowhere and Juergen picked him for the USMNT. NYCFC couldn’t get rid of fast enough. They thought so lowly of him that they paid him NOT to play for them. Goes to show you how little Juergen knew about talent. He just grabbed as many dual passports as he could to put together the USMNT while omitting Landon just because Landon didn’t want play in friendlies and pointless tournaments for a year.

  1. Not the trajectory people thought he was going to take when Juergen picked him out of obscurity for the USMNT. NYCFC couldn’t get rid of him fast enough. They thought so lowly of him that they paid him NOT to play for them. Goes to show you how little Juergen knew about finding talent. He just grabbed as many dual passports as he could and gave them preferential treatment while leaving Landon off team just because he didn’t want to play friendlies and meaningless tournaments for a year.

    • I agree Jurgen Klinsmann sucks. And even kicked our asses with the Wookie leading the line in a friendly in 2014. That shitty coach knew exactly how to render the Wookie useless (I distinctly remember watching an interview with him post-match where he talked about it), and yet.. for some reason… we are still trying to make it work. In a second World Cup.

      Cuz, ya know, height..

  2. Hello everyone, I will be giving you all a hot take right now. Jurgen Klinsmann was a good coach and the move to recruit the right dual national players was very astute. He realized that the player pool in the US had the opportunity to expand because of US military presence in Europe that led to lots of overseas players having US nationality but getting trained up in the European youth system. It was a good idea that no US coach before him had thought of. He got flack for it but I back him for it. He realized that American players don’t have to be from America or be trained in America to play for the USMNT. That is a good move that the KNT/KFA should also think about. In terms of that push I would argue that Klinsmann took it too far and damaged team chemistry by introducing too many players from Bundesliga or EU youth systems. There were some flops and we have to say, yes Mix was one (hope he revives his career in the K League). But you’re going to tell me that this whole idea of rushing to sign up dual nationals that other EU countries want to play for the USMNT is wrong? I don’t buy that at all. You’re going to tell me that the USMNT isn’t better off now having so many young players from EU clubs actually playing with the USMNT? Julian Green is a brilliant example. Germany wanted to cap-tie him to them but Jurgen got in there. Iceland wanted Aron Johannson but we got him. This was smart. Klinsmann’s tactics, constant shuffling of players, poor relationship with the media, and yes (cutting Landon) was bad. However, adding dual nationals was good. Shame that now we’re abandoning that and losing promising Mexican-American players to Mexico. That’s all on USSF for messing that up.

    • I’m saying that preferential treatment of Euro players and personal bias against our own American players and loudly criticizing the MLS was a bad look and showed he wasn’t a true scout for talent. He looked everywhere for players but at the end threw ALL of them under the bus- constantly. Bradley found Jones and other dual nationals as well. Juergen just took it to the next level. I believe Mix and Aron OR Green were far from being the European cavalry for USMNT soccer. I’m all for passport grabs and suggest that Korea should do the same, but it should be even handed. Green joined the USMNT because Juergen promised him a spot on the 2014 squad. Otherwise Green would have joined Germany. Green is finally making some progress but definitely isn’t considered a top player. Besides Yedlin, I can’t name anyone who came from Juergen’s tenure worth much. (Pulisic is kind of an in-betweener or maybe part of a lost generation).

      But going back to ROK- maybe Korea should take a page from Klinsmann and not simply select or start players based on past performances or seniority and be creative in their search for talent… as long as its with clear eyes and full hearts…Can’t lose! (Sorry I had to )

      • As always Keno, you brought the heat! I love it. Love that pushback from you. I hated the fact that Klinsmann constantly threw players under the bus! It was just awful to watch and you feel a bit that Shin Tae-yong has been doing this a bit as well! Great point there. Hmmm, I would have to do way more USMNT research to argue on the Klinsmann tenure but here’s another hot take! Maybe we should’ve never fired Bob Bradley. That’s something I’ve been thinking about lately. Like why did we fire him? Bob is a really great coach and didn’t deserve what Sunil did to him.

        Ok, we’re going to transition back to ROK stuff. The KFA absolutely has to get more creative in finding players and also making sure that players get creative with their careers and get more experience in different leagues. I am so into a Reform column about how to develop the careers of young players better and make sure that creative talents aren’t getting missed. We got some contribution from Seo-In Kim this week and he’s a Korean-American. Why isn’t he on the KFA’s radar? I’ve seen some highlights, Seo-in’s a creative attacking mid that played in Sporting KC’s youth system. Have a look at him KFA!

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