Just For Fun: Top 3 Korean Players of All-Time

“Top” lists are always fun, just because like transfer rumors, everyone has an opinion and few agree. So, while we wait for the next round of qualifiers, let’s take a poll of sorts. In the comments, vote for your top three Korean players of all-time. I will not set any sort of criteria, and will simply leave it to you, the reader, to decide what makes a player great. Is it trophies? Goals? Appearances? Influence on the game? Just leave your list in the comments. You don’t need to justify your list (unless you want to).

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I will refrain from announcing my vote until later (don’t want to influence anyone). The only requirement is that the player must be Korean by birth and have made at least one appearance for the senior national team.

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  1. Cha Bum Keun – Definitely the best Korean player not if one of the world’s best forward
    Hong Myung Bo – Korea’s everlasting Rivero
    Park Ji Sung – 1st ever asian to succeed in EPL, 200+ games in MAN U, stats that are far far more superior than those of Kagawa

    • I think it’s way too early to compare Kagawa to Ji’s EPL, ManU or overall accomplishments. Kagawa is still very young and just starting out with ManU.

  2. Not based on achievements but on who is the best footballer.

    1. Son Heung Min
    2. Cha Bum Kun
    3. Lee Chung Yong

    And Park Ji Sung my fourth.

    Lee Kang In and Lee Seung Woo will surpass them all IMO.

    • Although he’s not the best player of all-time right now, i think you are correct that Son will prove to be Korea’s best footballer of all time as he matures.

      • I want to make a special mention about Lee Young Pyo as well. He would be my 5th best. I remember when he was in PSV many experts called him one of the best fullbacks in the world. Perhaps with a higher profile he could have played in one of the greats in europe, although he did play for the East London Yids and the Borrusia Dortmund.

  3. Park Ji Sung
    Cha Bum Keun
    Ahn Jung Hwan

    .. or Hong Myungbo. Can’t pick. : (Surprised to see someone above pick Son Heungmin. I’d be really glad if he can grow to become Korea’s best footballer. And if he can become more consistent. Also looking forward to see how Lee Kangin and Lee Seungwoo grow.)

  4. 1. Cha Bum-kun (no argument here.. Asian Footballer of the Century as well!)
    2. Hong Myung-bo (Korean Kaiser, libero and Captain fantastic! He could have played in Europe I think)
    3. Park Ji-sung (He makes the list due to his achievements and popularity, in terms of football skills, there are many better than him but no one else had played for Man U)

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