K League Quiniela – Round 8

One small step for me, one giant leap for . . . the quiniela? Round 7 of the quiniela was looking quite promising after the four Saturday matches as 3 of the 4 results (d*mn you Suwon!) went the correct way. Sunday didn’t go as well as Daegu doubled their season goal tally and took down Gangwon while Gyeongnam just came up short against Pohang. But still, 3/6 is the best round yet to date, so I’ll take it. Here’s hoping the momentum stays in my favor and I can get a nice run of form going!

1. FC Seoul vs Daegu FC (Saturday, April 21, 14:00, Seoul World Cup Stadium): X

Oof. On paper this one looks like a real snooze fest. Seoul cannot get anything going, and Daegu has struggled all year as well. Daegu’s win over Gangwon last week maybe gives them a little spark and hope to get something from this one, but a rather stale 0-0 or 1-1 seems likely.

2. Jeonnam Dragons vs Gangwon FC (Saturday, April 21, 14:00, Gwangyang Football Stadium): 2

Another snooze fest? Jeonnam sit bottom, but Gangwon haven’t been too impressive either. Conventional wisdom suggests a draw, given Jeonnam are home and Gangwon are coming off a loss to the previous cellar dwellers last week. But, the difference between Jeonnam and Daegu is that Daegu has a better defense and keeper. This one doesn’t promise to be too exciting, but Gangwon should be able to nick a goal or two to make the difference.

3. Pohang Steelers vs Sangju Sangmu (Saturday, April 21, 16:00, Pohang Steelyard): 1

Sangju is a bit hit or miss, but Pohang has been pretty good thus far. Nothing fancy here, I’m backing the home side to pick up another win.

4. Jeju United vs Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors (Sunday, April 22, 14:00, Jeju World Cup Stadium): 2

In recent years this was one of the more intriguing matches of the season, but Jeju has quite frankly stunk for the most part – their 4-2 win last weekend over Incheon the exception. But it goes without saying that Jeonbuk is no Incheon – and the green machine, after a slightly shaky start by their standards, is really starting to crank into gear. As long as Jeonbuk can make the breakthrough (and I’m pretty darn sure they will), they should win comfortably.

5. Gyeongnam FC vs Ulsan Hyundai (Sunday, April 22, 16:00, Changwon Football Center): X

After a bad start, Ulsan is finally starting to come good and show what they’re capable of. Gyeongnam meanwhile have slumped a bit after their scintillating start to the campaign. This one could be pretty exciting, and a scored draw seems a good bet.

6. Incheon United vs Suwon Samsung Bluewings (Sunday, April 22, 16:00, Incheon Football Stadium ): 2

Two teams that are starting to move into their usual spots in the table. Incheon drifting toward the bottom and Suwon climbing toward the top. Incheon could pull a surprise in this one, but I think Suwon – buoyed by their qualification to the knockout rounds of the ACL – will pull this one off.

The Tavern Quiniela

Last Round (round 7): 3/6 (50%)

Overall: 11/30 (36.67%)


As always, if you’d like to get involved in the quiniela, simply copy and paste the table below into the comments and leave your predictions. Remembers it’s: 1 = home win; X = draw; 2 = away win.

K League Quiniela – Round 8

  1. FC Seoul vs Daegu FC:
  2. Jeonnam Dragons vs Gangwon FC:
  3. Pohang Steelers vs Sangju Sangmu:
  4. Jeju United vs Jeonbuk Hyundai:
  5. Gyeongnam FC vs Ulsan Hyundai:
  6. Incheon United vs Suwon Samsung:
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