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Just when you thought it was over, the plot twists yet again in the Yun Suk-Young tug-of-war-of-words battle for his services prior to Saturday’s playoff finale at Wembley – winner takes a flight to the Premier League. More on this but fast forwarding ahead for the Tavern Kickaround -how about Park Chu-Young freed from Arsenal for starters and another Korean baller moving to Europe…

Back to the Yun saga, earlier on Thursday Harry Redknapp said in a press conference this:

Which corresponded with the Tavern post yesterday on reports that Hong bestowed his blessings to Yun staying for Saturday’s promotion playoff finale at Wembley against Derby. The main issue that appeared to be resolved was Hong earlier insistence that QPR release Yun for the FIFA rest week beginning May19 – clubs are mandated to return players for World Cup preparations…except this happened Friday in Korea:

What the deuce? Actually it was Jae Chee who first alerted me that there was a renewed dispute over QPR’s claims.  So who’s telling the truth and who’s got antz in their pantz?  Adding to the confusion, the source for the Korean FA was an unnamed KFA official.  That’s it?  We aren’t hearing this from Hong Myong-Bo directly?  Is this a reliable legit source? The other possibility – did Redknapp and the QPR organization made a calculated move to say all was kosher when they didn’t have KFA clearance – just to buy time and clear the deck to reduce the distraction of controversy before Saturday’s all important Wembley date? Which leads to to the last speculative possibility – that the KFA did have an agreement in place with QPR, but had a leaked unnamed source say there was a dispute to give cover for the discrepancy in pressing hard for Yun’s return. Rachel Hur tweeted this earlier today:

UPDATE: game is over and QPR just barely won promotion but Yun not only didn’t start – he didn’t even get on the pitch. After all that trouble… This tweet came earlier today and now we have a better idea on who to point fingers at with all the misinformation floating around:

DERBY vs QPR Playoff Finale at Wembley Stadium 10 AM US EST / 11PM Korea Time. TV in the US: BeIN Sport So what does that mean for tomorrow’s playoff at Wembley? Yun will apparently be there, possibly in contravention of FIFA rules and possible future fines for the Rangers organization. They apparently are fine with that, calculating promotion > FIFA fines. If I was a betting man, Redknapp will play Yun but not until the 2nd half against Derby. A Clint Hill interview was revealing in the decision to substitute Yun in the 2nd leg semifinal against Wigan (fast forward this to 45:05 – and thanks once again to BSK) and if you didn’t watch that, that was Clint Hill telling the interviewer that he had a role in advising Redknapp to install Yun to tactically exploit Wigan with the Korean’s ‘adventurous’ spirit in venturing up the left side. In his own words, Yun and the tactical change worked brilliantly. [note: may I say, Mr Hill’s team spirit ethos would be quite simpatico with the Asian confucius precepts].  Here’s another video -this one post match scene at Loftus Road back when they won against Wigan (fast forward to 1:33 and then to 4:33 where he holds the QPR celebration banner back out onto the pitch for the excited and relieved supporters -and apologies to Adam Hulme from QPR’s media team, he sent that over to the Tavern over a week ago).  But the same (slight) anxiety is there for team Korea from before- best hope Yun not get a serious knock on Saturday.  He also has to board immediately for a long flight back to Paju Korea -where he has about 2 days to acclimate and get in the training groove quick before a friendly World Cup tune up with Tunisia on Wednesday.  Turns out, Hong has reason to feel a bit anxious for Yun’s safe return, Hong’s other LB Kim Jin-Su has temporarily suspended training for a ankle injury. They say it’s a minor one…. moving on…


Ok gather round all you namjas and eujahs, it’s the TAVERN KICKAROUND

and just like that, another Korean joins the European top flight. On the interwebs, a few had confused Kim Shin for Kim Shin-Wook [the wookie] for having made the jump to Europe. This Kim Shin is a U20 striker and a teammate of Ryu Seung-Woo’s during Korea’s decent U20 World Cup run last summer in Turkey. Here’s a video for the uninitieated:Lyon by the way are in Korea for a Asian promotional batch of friendlies. On Wednesday this happened:

As we mentioned earlier, Park Chu-Young is freed of his contract with Arsenal. The club listed him on their free transfer list.  Irritating to his supporters, Arsenal’s contract had prevented him from transferring to some interested Ligue 1 clubs in the summer transfer window.  His Watford loan in the 2nd half of the season was severely limited by knee and toe injuries. Not to add pressure to Park, but he knows the reality: there’s a lot riding on a good World Cup showing to resurrect his European career and restore his brand. Bottom line, team Korea is counting on Park doing what he does best – get the ball in the net in spectacular fashion.

…19 days and counting to the start World Cup…24 days until Korea kicks off their 1st group match with Russia….

Another Korean footballer going to Brazil got some news for next season: the Swans retained Ki Sung-Yeung back to Swansea. Ki had a fairly good season for Sunderland on loan, but with Michael Ladrup sacked and former captain Gary Monk taking the managerial reins, he’s made overt statements indicating his desire to integrate Ki back to the squad. Kim Bo-Kyung also has been retained and at this point will be back in Cardiff next season. Unfortunately this also means back to the 2nd division after one season in the Premiership. He joined the Bluebirds in 2012 when they were still in wilderness of the English Championship. Late in the season, he contributed brightly in their push to be promoted, their first time back in top flight since 1961.

Adding to the ‘not a surprise’ category: Koo Ja-Cheol named captain for World Cup Korean squad…

In Vietnam, the Lady Taeguk Warriors fell short on Thursday to advance to the finals of the Asian Women’s Cup, losing 1-2 to Australia in the semis. Park Eun-Sun scored the equalizer but a Matildas goal in the 77th minute sunk their hopes for a Haninjeon final on Sunday. Instead they will settle for a 3rd place match with China on Sunday.  Factoring in the loss in context: No Ji So-Yun. Chelsea demanded Ji return to England, making her available only through the group stage.  Despite the loss, some encouraging performances gives strong signals that this squad will a team to watch out for in the 2015 Women’s World Cup (which they qualified for by advancing to the semifinals).

-What we learned: the eujahs have no difficulties scoring, evidenced by their first group game with Myanmar, a 12-0 beating. More evidence: Park Eun-Sun -she has potential to make Korea a world contender. She still leads the race for the tournament’s Golden Boot with 6 goals so far.

They weren’t the only Korean team to lose on Thursday, the men’s U21 team lost 2-0 to Brazil in the Toulon Tournament in France. Apparently Kim Hyun missed a PK in the first half.  They face Qatar on Saturday.

Late nite at the Tavern, gonna crash. Chal Ga yo!


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  1. What’s funny is that Redknapp went through all that trouble to keep Yun for that match but didn’t even put him in the starting XI.

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