Ki Poised for Sunderland Loan

The rumor has been circling for a week or so now, but it seems that Ki’s proposed loan move to Sunderland is nearing completion. Reports are that Ki will move on a season long loan with a possible mid-season recall, should Swansea choose to activate it. Watch this space for confirmation.


Update: This twittered in over the weekend from Sunderland…

Followed by this…

Meanwhile on Sunday night there are unconfirmed twitter reports about Ji Dong-Won spotted at Heathrow Airport – with Dortmund as a destination. Stay tuned…

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    • Well, it’s really hard to get into La Masia. That pretty much speaks for itself. I hope I can send my kid there someday.

    • There are three kids, as you read, in Barca’s La Masia academy. The oldest is Seungho Paik (백승호), who is in Cadete A. The other two are Jang Gyeolhee (장결희) and Lee Seung Woo (이승우). If memory serves, all were picked up by Barca after good showings at youth club tournaments. Of the three it is Lee Seung-Woo that generally gets the most praise and has the highest ceiling. It’s just a question of whether he becomes more Messi or Bojan. A forward by trade, and one with a good touch and eye for goal. Currently he’s banned from Barca’s domestic calendar by FIFA, but he can train with them and is allowed to play in international tournaments. I’m sure Jinseok could provide more details.

      Paik and Jang are both midfielders. Paik, I believe, usually plays as a central midfielder while Jang is usually a wide midfielder. Both are considered good prospects, but not on the level of Lee. From what I’ve gathered, it would seem that most La Masia/Barca watchers feel that Lee will become a first team player, while Paik and Jang will probably not. That being said, all three are young, around 15, so quite a bit remains to be seen.

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