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Several of our Korean players have changed teams in Europe. Ki Sung-Yueng looks set for Sunderland. Ji Dong-Won, while technically not changing teams, has returned to Sunderland from Augsburg (with a new manager in charge). Hong Jeong-Ho has completed a move to Augsburg. Son Heung-Min has moved to Bayer Leverkusen. Park Joo-Ho has moved to Mainz 05. So, this week’s poll is: Which player will have the best season with their new team? *The word ‘best’ is of course subjective, but in general I mean “Which player will have the greatest impact on their team/which player will have the best performance over the season in relation to their position and role within the team.”

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  1. Son Heung Min will have his best season. He even scored 4 goals in his preseason matches with a goal against Freiburg in the start of the Bundesliga season. I hope Son Heung Min scores against Manchester United in the Champions League so that he will attract the eye of many big clubs.

    • Even though Hamburg had glimpses of their potential last season, they weren’t really enough for Son, but he did fit in well with the team. I was worried about whether he could fit in and whether they had a place for him, but it seems like he is smashing it again! Which is a relief

    • This one is a poll. The quiz will be at the end of the season. “Who had the best season (who moved to a new team) and why. Please cite specific examples in your reasoning.”

    • I saw that report. If there’s an official announcement from Sunderland or Hamburg we’ll post something. Makes sense though. Ji had a rough few weeks with Sunderland (especially after the Cup match), and he seemed to enjoy his time in Germany. Hamburg saw how Ji helped Augsburg last season, so makes sense. Hope it happens. Could be coincidence, but Korean players seem to excel in Germany.

      • Along with Hong, isnt Kim Young Gwon another good defender who spends his day in CHina?

        I thought K league was better than Chinese league
        somebody tell me why a NT member core defender wastes time in China?????

        • Money.

          As a whole the K League is stronger than the Chinese Super League, but with the money that Chinese teams can pump in, it could (emphasis on the could) become stronger one day. I’m not complaining about Kim Young-Kwon yet as he’s being managed by Marcello Lippi who I rate very highly as a manager (particularly of defenders).

          • I do remember Lippi saying that he will take Kim with him when he goes to Italy.

            I hope that happens before the WC starts…
            Speaking of Italian league, was there any korean who went to Serie A?

          • As far as I can remember, only one Korean has played in Serie A. That was Ahn Jung-Hwan of 2002 World Cup fame. Ahn scored the winning golden goal for Korea against Italy. Ahn, who was playing for Perugia at the time (30 appearances between 2000-2002) had his contract terminated (by mutual consent) after the Perugia president publicly said that Ahn had disgraced Italian football and would never play for Perugia again. Perugia (the club) retracted the statement, but Ahn was offended, rightfully so, and they agreed to end things.

    • Well, that match is not fondly remembered in Italy. Italians generally see that match as being “fixed” by FIFA and the KFA in order to grow the sport in Asia. Italy had a goal, they feel, was wrongfully disallowed, and Totti was harshly sent off. It certainly didn’t help things when years after the referee was sent to jail for drug smuggling. Anyway, at the time Italians were quite incensed (as the Spanish were just a bit later), and the Perugia president was a bit of a hot head (like many Italian presidents). He said he didn’t want to pay a player who had disgraced Italian football. The club retracted his statement, and offered to buy Ahn’s contract (Ahn had been there on loan), but Ahn no longer wanted to go there on a permanent basis.

      • Because the 2002 glory has been more than 10 years.

        were there moments that we even as Koreans thought some judgments were too fond of our side or needlessly harsh on the opposing team?

        Im just curious b/c i was very young at that time and dont remember shit but wearing a red tshirt

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