KPA Preseason Roundup; LSW + PSH in training; KJH to Atletico?

As Tim mentioned earlier we have quite a crazy preseason going on. What’s been going on with our KPA’s? Also, there have been interesting developments with regards to our youth players in Spain, and there’s word that we may add another one – read on to find out!

Son Heung Min & Ryu Seung Woo @ Bayer Leverkusen

Interestingly, Ryu Seung Woo has been actively participating in preseason with Leverkusen this time; does this mean Leverkusen will keep him this season, or will he be loaned out again? I’m personally slightly in favor of loaning out cuz he sure isn’t going to be ahead of the likes of Son and Bellarabi and even Julian Brandt. However, as 4th choice winger… he has a good chance at sub minutes and cup games. SHM has also played a couple but hasn’t lived up to his “preseason god” status yet as he has yet to score one. Both played vs. Basel yesterday.


Hong Jeong Ho & Ji Dong Won @ Augsburg

I don’t think Ji Dong Won is ready to play yet (he must STILL be injured or something) but HJH has had an amazing preseason so far, scoring a goal vs. Bayern and starting every game thus far (iirc):


Koo Ja Cheol & Park Joo Ho @ Mainz

KJC recently had a knee injury apparently (jesus he’s always injured) but PJH has been going strong in preseason as LB. Also with the departure of Okazaki the tres amigos has been reduced to two… but now that Muto signed (#9 jersey) a new tres amigos has risen in Mainz!


Kim Jin Su @ Hoffenheim

He’s played two friendlies with Hoffenheim, scoring one in a blowout win and assisting one just yesterday. KJS is in good shape for the season!


Kim Dong Soo @ Hamburg SV

Our 20 yr old DF prospect has been getting quite a few minutes with the first team after a very good year with HSV II, wearing the number 32 shirt. However, it’s pretty clear he’s only 4th choice to Spahic Djourou and Cleber. He made a KYK-esque mistake that led to a goal but scored a goal in the next preseason game. Barring injuries to the other three, KDS is probably better off sticking to HSV II. As usual, playing time is of utmost importance, as we learned in the last 5 years or so.


Ki Sung Yong @ Swansea

As many people have noted, KSY is actually participating in preseason this time from the get-go, which is nice to see. He recently played 60 minutes vs. Borussia Monchengladbach, in which Swansea drew 1-1.


Lee Chung Yong @ Crystal Palace

Yesterday news came out that LCY was expecting his first child in December (congratulations!!) He has recently flown out to London for preseason. More so than the other players, who are more or less guaranteed starters, LCY especially needs to impress during preseason because he is not yet a guaranteed starter. However, as our “ace” / most technically gifted player… I believe LCY will make it in the end.


Lee Seung Woo & Paik Seung Ho @ Barca B

IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING! The boys we’ve been watching since 2010 / 2011 have been training with Barca B ahead of the impending January LIBERATION DAY. Now, don’t get all excited cuz they’ve been training with Barca B since either February or March, but this really is a big step for them. We also may see the two in action in the upcoming friendly, though I forget the date (it’s buried somewhere deep in Steve Han’s twitter). However, it’s likely we’ll see LSW back with Juvenil A for the UEFA Youth Champions League, which as I’ve said before, is a very very important competition.

barca b


Rumor: Kim Jung Hwan to Atletico Madrid B?

Why you should believe this: Kim Jung Hwan is an excellent player that just as the scout said, has what it takes to succeed in Spain, in both the physical and technical aspects. Also, the quotes from the scout seem legit to me – he’s realistic, saying that he has spoken to KJH many times and wants him to trial with Atletico B. I’d REALLY love to see him go to Atletico, cuz I really do think if any domestic player from the U18 Suwon Cup can succeed abroad it’d be KJH or Lim Min Hyeok, who was also really freaking good.

Why you shouldn’t believe this: The source was Footballist, which I think is a fine source considering the interviewed scout specifically said they have been actively observing Kim Jung Hwan and want to bring him to Atletico, but this is the same source that likes to draw lip service a lot, like when they asked Martinez about Kim Young Kwon.

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