Kwon Changhoon (finally) transfers: Suwon Bluewings –> Dijon FCO

Suwon says goodbye to Kwon

As of today, it has been reported that Kwon Changhoon has agreed to sign with the newly promoted Ligue 1 side Dijon FCO. While the official shirt picture is not out yet, there are a number of reports that make it evident this move is very imminent:

  • Suwon released the above photo. It’s a sad day for the Bluewings faithful but they will surely be happy that their star player is challenging himself overseas (as are the rest of us)
  • Kwon did not join up with the team in preseason training, reportedly to finalize the negotiations ahead of the move to Dijon.
  • A number of sources have reported the same thing, but here’s a representative one. The fee is rumored to be at 1.2 million Euros. Which for K League standards is not bad at all. Fee may increase though as there are rumors that a performance clause is being put in the contract (Suwon gets extra money if KCH plays well). This report suggests the medical will be tomorrow – perhaps the jersey pic will come up then.
  • There are also rumors that Suwon turned down a 2.5 million offer from RB Salzburg. If that’s true I’m very glad it was turned down, because the Austrian Bundesliga is absolutely not the kind of league KCH should be going to.
  • The Tavern is eagerly awaiting the Baker’s Dijon baguette/mustard puns (let’s be real it’s going to happen)
  • So… Lee Jaesung your move?

I’m optimistic about this move – we’re talking about a newly promoted club sitting above relegation. I don’t know much about Dijon but surely they could use a dynamic attacking midfielder like KCH? If anyone here is an expert on Dijon (or is more familiar with Ligue 1) please speak up!

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  1. Not an avid fan but I do occasionally follow games in the French first division. Dijon aren’t a bad team, theyre hovering precariously above the relagation zone, but theyre sort of like Swansea in a way where you know they have too much quality to go down but aren’t anything special. Theyre newly promoted tho so theyre certainly susceptable to going down. Their midfield is a pretty much set in stone lineup as the likes of rufli, balmont and sammaritano start almost every game. Kwon wouldnt just walk into the team but if he has a purple patch like son did, he could push himself into the team for occasional starts.

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