Tavern Kickaround: Weekend Roundup, U20 Update, Hwang Inbeom in the UCL?

I delayed the weekend roundup this week to include the recent friendly against Portugal U-20, transfer news regarding Hwang Inbeom, and news of KCH’s first training session. There’s a lot to talk about this week so stay tuned:

It was an interesting week for the KPA. KSY aside, everyone who had a fixture saw playing time, but primarily off the bench:

Player, Club, Opponent, Result, Notes
Son Heungmin, Tottenham, Man City, 2-2 D, 45′ + goal
Ji Dongwon, Augsburg, Hoffenheim, 2-2 L, 90′
Koo Jacheol, Augsburg, Hoffenheim, 2-2 L, 45′ (subbed off)
Lee Chungyong, Palace, Everton, 1-0 L, 30′
Ki Sungyueng, Swansea, @Liverpool, 3-2 W, injury
Hwang Heechan, Red Bull Salzburg, ——, —-, league on break


There are actually no video highlights of anyone this week except for SHM, who was brought on in the second half and helped Tottenham salvage a draw against Man City:

The other talking point would be the FC Koreaburg duo who could not inspire Augsburg to victory against Hoffenheim, one of the many surprises of the Bundesliga season. I was travelling this past weekend and couldn’t watch, but it seems JDW had a much better game than KJC did, as evidenced by the fact KJC was subbed out in the second half. KJC, it seems, is not in good for as of the moment.

Soon we hope to add a new KPA to the list: Kwon Chang Hoon! He recently began training with the team – here are some pictures:

Our best guess is that KCH will start out with cup matches in the next couple of weeks (his fitness is not at its peak because the K League has been on break since November).

Lee Jaesung aside, we actually might add yet another KPA to the list: Daejeon’s Hwang Inbeom (we recently found that there are actually fans out there who are not familiar with HIB, so familiarize yourself with him RIGHT NOW – you won’t be disappointed). According to sources, HIB had briefly negotiated with Benfica and a German team in the Champions League (probably Dortmund), but decided to stay in the K League to further his development (which to me, make sense because I think he’s ready skills-wise but not experience/physique-wise. However, this is very encouraging, and hopefully means that he’ll transfer soon.


U20 Update:

Here was the starting XI against Portugal:

The game ended 1-1 with a goal from none other than Cho Youngwook (LSW had already gone back to Barca). There are some highlights uploaded by the Portugese FA:



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