Lee Seung Woo + Paik Seung Ho: almost fully fit?

Despite not having played for Barcelona for over 1000 days, LSW and BSH seem to be adapting fairly quickly, as the duo, along with LSW’s best-friend-at-La-Masia Carles Alena, starred in a 5-1 win for Juvenil A.

  1. LSW’s dribbling is back. But his finishing is clearly not as he missed a good amount of 1 v 1’s.
  2. Baek Seung Ho keeps playing wide. He pretty much cuts in centrally all the time anyway but still, I don’t want to keep seeing him as a #11 or #7 but as his usual #8 or #10.
  3. There were a lot of questions asking why Alena, as well as LSW and PSH, aren’t playing for Barca B. First off Barca B is not in a good place right now and are fighting relegation. Second, they are guaranteed more minutes at Juve A. Third, the UEFA youth league’s coming up so that will be a lot of fun to watch.
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