Mini-update: Korea U19 Eliminated

This is really Jinseok’s field, so I won’t step into his realm too much, but just to put the news out. Korea U19 team lost to Japan U19 2-1 on the final group stage match. That combined with China’s 1-1 draw with Vietnam saw Korea drop from 1st to 3rd, and thus out of the competition. It also means that Korea fails to qualify for the 2015 U20 World Cup in New Zealand.

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  1. Let’s blame the manager for not starting Paik Seung-Ho the LAST TWO GAMES and then throwing him under the bus.

    This generation still has a lot of exceptional talent and I still expect Hwang Hee-Chan, Seo Myung-Won to be future KNT stars. Take it from the Daejeon fan that SMW is holding his own for Daejeon despite being so much younger than the rest.

  2. hey there,

    i just wanted to share with y’all that yonhap news released a predicted starting lineup, in an infographic, for tomorrow’s match against costa rica. the infographic is in the first post in this forum:

    the fact that this infographic isn’t on the original twitter page of yonhap_graphics is weird to me, but i’ll take it for what it is, plus it was credited to a news source!

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