New KNT Manager Could Be Next Week

Technical Director Kim Ho-gon has announced that he will speed up the original timeline for appointing a new manager of the Korean national team. Notably, he has said that that he will appoint a new technical committee within the week, and that on July 6th he expects to be able to give the name of the new U-23 manager (the U-23s have a tournament soon). KFA insiders are saying that it is likely that Kim’s committee will deal with that issue quickly and be able to give the name of a new manager shortly after July 6th.

Kim has publicly ruled out former 2010 World Cup boss Huh Jung-moo, saying that the rumours are “ridiculous”. Kim has said that he will consider “with an open mind” K-League managers, past and present.

That means little, as most candidates, including Huh, have had K League experience. Shin Tae-yong and Choi Yong-soo seem like the obvious frontrunners, but you have to wonder if, at this point in the careers for those two bosses, they will accept taking on just two qualifiers with no guarantee of the World Cup (if indeed that is what Kim Ho-gon wishes to do).

Kim is also expected to appoint former Seongnam manager Kim Hak-bum and former KNT boss Hong Myung-bo to his technical committee. No sign of Lee Young-pyo or Park Ji-sung, for your information.


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