New Manager Today?

The Technical Committee will meet today and will, according to Korean football columnist Seo Hojeong, appoint a new manager today. They will meet at 10am KST and are expected to waste no time interviewing the candidates and making an appointment.

The Technical Director makes the decision on the advice of the Technical Committee. It appears that the committee votes democratically for the manager but the director has the final say. It’s actually quite interesting to look at the list of the committee members, as they include some well known K League bosses…

Kim Hogon (Committee Director, former KFA Vice-President)

Choi Youngjoon (Former Chief Director of Youth Football)

Cho Geungyeon (Professional Football Association (domestic soccer) Chairperson)

Ha Seokjoo (Manager, Aju High School)

Cho Youngjeun (Professional Football Association Referee Chief)

Park Kyunghoon (Seongnam FC Manager)

Hwang Sunhong (FC Seoul Manager)

Seo Jungwon (Suwon Samsung Manager)

Kim Byungji (Ex-Jeonnam goalkeeper, SPOTV commentator)

Those 9 men will determine who the next boss will be.

Kim Hogon met with Huh Jungmoo, Shin Taeyong and Choi Yongsoo at a K League game informally on the weekend, where Huh reportedly said that he’s had his turn, while Choi reportedly said that he “wants to rest” and that he’s “tired”. Media is speculating that this would leave 4 candidates in the hunt: Shin Taeyong, Jeong Haeseong (KNT assistant manager), Hong Myungbo (yes, Hong) and Kim Hakbum, former Seongnam FC manager and hard-ass traditional style Korean coach.


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