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Next week the third ‘Tavern of the Taeguk Warrior Podcast’ will come out (after the Russia game). We’ve decided to combine the next pod with the old mailbag idea, so if you have a question that you’d like us to answer, now’s your chance.

How Can I Submit A Question?

There are two ways to submit a question for the podcast,

1) Like the old mailbag, you can simply type your question in the comments of this post.

2) If you’re on Twitter, send your question, and use the hashtag #TTWP.


Questions must be submitted by Tuesday, November 19, 4PM Eastern time (that’s five hours after the Russia game, so should be enough time to get questions in).

Due to time constraints (and possible volume of questions), your question may not get answered this time, but will in a future podcast. Questions concerning the friendlies and national team will receive priority since that’s what this podcast will focus on.

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  1. I have two questions,if you dont mind.
    Firstly, who do you think will be the pivotal factor for south korea in the 2014WC? Ive heard many people say Son and some say its Ki, but i want all the writers’ individual opinions.Secondly, Who do you think will get chosen to captain Korea in 2014WC?

  2. Q1) did Wookie prove himself that PCY is not needed in WC?
    Q2) Talk about Kim Jin Su. now that YPLEE is gone, we have Park Joo Ho, Yoon Suk Young and Kim Jin su fighting for the LFB spot whos gonna get it?
    Q3) Kim Seung Gyu now starting goalkeeper???

  3. I heard from many FC Basel fans that Park Joo Ho played in a left fullback position but played mostly like a second left midfielder. Since Park Joo Ho loves to press and play where the midfielders are, do you think Park’s new position as left midfielder at Mainz will BENEFIT Park Joo Ho? Or is it better if he stays as a left back defender position?

  4. The K-League is currently one of the best in Asia. But we’re seeing strong growth in many Asian countries, like with Evergrande winning the Champions League.

    With the amount of money countries like China has to offer to develop and given Japan’s natural market size and resources, how does the K-League’s future look?

    While it can hold its own now, 5, 10, 20 years down the line can it compete with the growth or scale in other (particularly Northeast Asian) countries and what does this mean for our domestic talent production capacities?

    Or are there currently some promising developments in the K-League that bode well?

  5. Id like the panel to discuss Korea’s current state of affairs relating primarily to its neighbor to the east, Japan. Do you, like me, believe that Japan is better than Korea right now? Why is it that Japan seems to be getting more invites to friendlies and tournaments? Are there ways for Korea to better position themselves as viable opponents? Explain this psychology please

  6. I have two questions:
    1. If Bolton fail to be promoted yet again, do you think Lee Chung-yong should strive to move away from Bolton and move back to a Premier League team (in the case that it doesn’t reach promotion this year)? I know for a fact that if he was on the transfer market then big teams would come calling. I understand his unwillingness due to loyalty and the whole ‘Bolton gave me a chance’ thing, but I think they’re too far gone to be the team that was for a short period of time, one of the best in the league!

    2. Ji Dong-won to Germany? England just isn’t giving him what he deserves.

  7. can you comment on Ki’s situation at Sunderland because he seems to have been placed into the same position/responsibilities with him laying back with defense. Wasn’t this the reason he got pissed at Laudrup? Can you comment a bit more on why he left Swansea in the 1st place? A lot of confusion here due to the lack of news on that situation. Whats the dirt?

  8. Whats the real status with Ki at Sunderland because he seems to be playing the exact same role as he was at Swansea and I can’t say Im too pleased about it because its negating what he’s truly proficient at. Defense was never his call of duty and it pains me that he’s being used this way for the sake of his development only.

    And wasn’t this a chaffing point as to why Laudrup and Ki had a falling out?

    Please comment.

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