Paik Seung Ho: Clear to Play

Paik Seung Ho is largely the reason why I came to write for the tavern in the first place, with Roy contacting me 2 years ago now about updates on the barca kids.

Now, the little kid who joined Barcelona Infantil A at the age of 13 – when I was back in high school just starting to watch football seriously – is about to sign a full pro contract with Barca B.

Here is a Korean article reporting on a recent mundodeportivo article. Remember how PSH couldn’t play even after turning 18 because Barcelona’s transfer ban was in effect, so the player had to be “resigned?”

Well a nice little loophole has allowed him to bypass that dumb rule. Paik arrived in Spain in February 2010, so he could train with the team until officially playing for Infantil A in August. Well it’s a damn good thing he went so early because now that he’s lived in Spain for 5 years he has gotten permanent residence/ Green Card/ whatever the Spanish equivalent of 영주권 is. Thus, regardless of the Barcelona transfer ban, he can start playing on March 17th as an official youth player for Juvenil A (but still cannot play for barca B until 2016 because barca B is professional and until January 2016, Barca can’t make any pro signings).

He has also gotten a new agent- the same agent as Xavi- and will reportedly sign a contract tying him to Barca B starting January 2016, though per regulations he’ll be playing for Juvenil A until then. But it turns out his main agents are out of town so  Zubizarreta himself has been working on PSHs behalf:

당시 백승호의 계약을 주도했던 기예르모 아모르와 알베르트 푸이츠는 현재 바르사를 떠났다. 최근 백승호의 계약 문제를 진행하던 안도니 수비사레타 단장이 사임하면서 계약 작업이 지연됐다. 현재 바르사 유소년 책임자인 조르디 로우라가 백승호 계약에 대해 코레차와 대화를 나누고 있다.

As for LSW and JGH they’ll be 18 in 2016. I am really looking forward to when all 3 will be gracing the Barca B pitch once again.

On a side note, with a green card he could theoretically delay his military service but that’s a slippery issue that didn’t go well for PJY…

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