Paik Seungho –> Girona // Lee Seungwoo –> Hellas Verona?

Following Jang Gyeolhee’s move to Asteras Tripoli, Paik Seungho has officially moved to Girona FC’s B team (CF Peralada), with the goal of being promoted to the A team next season. There is no buyback option in the move.

While Barcelona is indeed a complete mess right now (we all know about the first team’s problems but the B team is also just buying random players left and right these days), it’s a little bit disappointing that of all teams it had to be Girona B rather than a first-league team in Germany, Portugal, Netherlands or some other higher league. Guess it’s nice to stay in Catalonia but still, Segunda B? Not great.

That being said BSH has shown potential and maybe in a new environment he can really shine? We will see. Earlier this season BSH played a friendly vs Peralada with Barca B and played very well, so maybe he’ll be promoted to CF Girona in half a season?



Lee Seungwoo, on the other hand, is pushing for a move to Serie A outfit Hellas Verona. Supposedly, LSW wants a permanent move while Barcelona want a loan deal. I know nothing about Verona other than 1) it’s setting for Romeo and Juliet and 2) the fact that Martin Caceres plays there. At least it’s a top division league? Better than the cluster**** that is Barca B.

Let us know what you think below. My conclusion is that it’s good they left but their choice of team is a little questionable (though maybe there weren’t any other options).

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  1. It would’ve been great to see the players wrecking havoc in Germany. In my opinion, the Germans appreciate young talent more so than the other leagues. Hopefully, LSW can move to Borussia Dortmund or some other German team.

  2. re: Dortmund it seems the interest never actually materialized into a bid; we don’t even know if LSW is going to move to Hellas Verona right now. His future is very uncertain these days..

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