It’s not the best of news to wake up to but as of today Ryu has rejected Dortmund’s offer saying he’d prefer to develop in Korea first before going to Europe.

U20 coach Lee Kwang Jong supports his decision but to me he made the wrong decision – the chance to develop with one of the world’s best teams and one of the best managers shouldn’t be passed away. I guess the problem was he felt Dortmund wasn’t  going to help him in the future if he flopped; if he succeeded awesome, but if he failed he wouldn’t be able to join the K League for five years (it’s how the draft system works for University players). Maybe he didn’t realize that Dortmund rejects and youth players are always snapped up by lower Bundesliga teams and that there is constant scout exposure at Dortmund whereas there’s little to none in the K League.

In his defense, players who go straight from University with no pro experience to a pro European team do tend to struggle (Ryo Miyaichi, Suk Hyun Jun, Nam Tae Hee, Lee Yong Jae for example). Kagawa had three years of professional J2 League under his belt.

Well just for some cheers here is a video of Lee Seung Woo (thanks skim!) I’ve never seen before – though that one dribble – assist we’ve all probably seen already

(No update on the FIFA situation as the players are currently on break in Korea)

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