Tavern Match of the Day: Suwon Bluewings vs Jeonnam Dragons

My laptop,
My laptop,
My laptop’s a dinosaur!
My laptop’s a dinosaur.

Yeah my laptop decided to take a break and be very unhelpful. But it’s out! The fourth edition of Tavern Match of the Day! It’s our second K League Classic edition. Join Jinseok Yang and myself (Tim Lee) as we feature the Jeonnam Dragons’ trip to the Big Bird Stadium to face Suwon Bluewings. Both clubs were underwhelming of late, desperate to shrug off woes carried over late last season (Jeonnam) and early this season (Suwon). As a result, both teams had a go in what turned out to be a high-scoring match! We’ve got preview, highlights with our (bad) commentary and video analysis for that one. Also, there’s a quick highlight reel of the 10 goals in the five other games of the second matchday. It took days to edit so please, have a view 🙂

We’ve got more show(s) coming for you this weekend, so stay tuned!

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