Tavern Pod: Snap Reaction after Korea beats Honduras in Daegu

Just an hour or so after Korea beat Honduras 2-0 in comfortable fashion at Daegu World Cup Stadium, we talk about all that went well in a part-naive, part-hopeful level of unbridled optimism. Today’s Tavern Podcast features the Old Tavern Owner Roy Ghim, one of our newest (and passionate!) contributors Michael Welch and myself (Tim Lee).

Listen to our pod & let us know if you agree with our opinions!

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The maple syrup guzzling kimchijjigae craving Korean-Canadian, eh?


  1. Awesome pod. Thanks for putting this up.

    One quick question: any plans to add future podcasts to iTunes Podcasts? Would be great to be able to download to listen offline, have the control to rewind by 15 seconds, and listen at 1.25 or 1.5x speeds.

    • Funny you bring it up. Michael is having another crack at this (after I failed miserably a couple years ago). Hopefully any pods we do during the world cup will be easy to download for offline use. Thanks for the listen!

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