Watch the World Cup with the Tavern!

Let's be real, we're all likely to be making this face as we watch our Taeguk Warriors!

With the launch of our Where are you Watching page yesterday, we realized it might be hard for you guys to find it so we thought we’d make a post so that you can click right to the right place! Our aim for this Where are you Watching page is to engage with our readers and really form a community of Taeguk Warriors around the world. If you are heading to Russia, we want to give you a forum to share your story and if you like, even share your pictures of the stadium as you cheer on the Reds! For those in the US, Korea, Europe, we want you as fans to have a chance to gather together and watch matches together! The Taeguk Warriors always fight and cheer harder as one!

Our aim is to gauge interest in meeting in bars/public parks for watch parties so that we at the Tavern can meet with our readers and enjoy the festival of the beautiful game together! The Tavern has writers in Chicago, NYC, Toronto, LA, Jeju, Australia, and Maryland so if you’re nearby, let’s find a place to watch together. If we see fans interested in different places in the city, we’ll make sure to take a poll so we can find the best place to watch. We’ll handle reaching out to owners of different bars if we’re expecting a big party. If there’s a public World Cup event in your city where there will be screens set up in a large park, please let us know so we can get out there and represent the Tavern! Our idea is to gather before kick-off, get the drums nice and loud, get those Daehanminguk chants flowing, and take your questions off of Twitter/Facebook live! Even if Korea loses, we want to have a great time with you all so get active in the comments and start finding places to watch together. One of the missions of the Tavern is to connect Korean football fans, and this is a great way to do this! There are three weeks to our first match in Nizny Novgorod, so get your plans together to party with the Tavern this summer!

Thought I’d post this video to give you an idea of what we’re thinking of creating here at the Tavern.

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  1. Chicago people, I have been doing some research and come up with two options that could work. Fado Irish Pub is booking group parties for all matches, so we can go that route. Another option is The Shelby in Humboldt Park, a bar where I’ve watched EPL so I imagine they will also show the World Cup!

  2. DC! Will likely watch at work though… games are too early in the U.S.
    How the heck are people on the West Coast gonna have a watch party? The games will be early morning hours. A little breakfast soju? 6 am so-maek?

  3. Hey Jon, the Old Tavern Owner is in the DC area. I’ll let him know he should get something together! In terms of LA, Jinseok is a diehard fan. He’s not afraid to stay up all night for the Taeguk Warriors!

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