Tavern Podcast 4: Korea draws World Cup Group H

We got Algeria!  Whoa, got ahead of myself – Jae Jinseok and I recorded another podcast – very excited about the draw results – but if we advance – what next?

Note: Great insight and analysis by Jae and Jinseok but not a perfect podcast by the Tavern owner…While in the editing process – I thought I didn’t bring in as much to the table (but I am my own worst critic).  Update: on the 3rd time listening, it actually wasn’t a bad podcast – but whatever audio quality or editing shortcomings – I’ll blame it on a lack of sleep (very true).

If you haven’t looked at Jae’s post on the Group H draw -check it out here before you go any further.

UPDATE: some listeners thought the volume was low. I boosted it up -replaced the sound file on Soundcloud. Hopefully you can hear improvements. It was also noted my own volume was distant and echoey in the podcast. I wasn’t as successful in changing that. I’ll take one listeners advice and get a Tavern mic ‘upgrayyd.’  Lastly, due to long distances – I’m using Skype to get Tavern studio Korea / Conneticut and DC together -but Skype’s own quality can vary at times. If an audio expert want to get in touch with me on ways to improve the sound quality if/when we decide to do another podcast – we’d be open to all ideas – keeping in mind our Tavern Accountant has informed me our balance is -well let’s just say it’s in the red.

BTW: Son Heung-min did it again and scored against Borussia Dortmund – last season it was with Hamburg –this time it was in a Bayer Leverkusen uniform.  But I gots to go. more on that later

Quick edit from Jinseok: I realized RIGHT after the podcast that hipster == contrarian. I wasn’t thinking at all; sorry for the dumb mistake.


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  1. Yeh I had a lot of trouble with the audio.
    Roy’s voice was all fizzling and echoy while others voice i could listen to it very clearly.

    Roy i think u need a new mic lol

    • So…you’re saying my $6.50 mic from walmart -made by 5 year olds chained to a post wasn’t good enough? You might have a point. Time for a Tavern upgrade.

      Let’s see, Tavern Accountant -how much in the Tavern account? What?! Great Scott! (to be continued…)

        • Jeff Bezos and his amazon.com drones could be delivering a better mic soon…though the socially responsible thing to do would be to find a union made mic, sourced locally and sold by a family mom&pop business in town. There are no easy choices in life…

  2. I totally think that we need to play our strengths this tournament and that means bringing out our wingers Son and Lee.

    And while Im high on Belgium, they haven’t been achievers in a long time and are more known for being underachievers.

    Its a good group all things considered.

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