Tavern Podcast ft. Steve Han – The K League Enigma

This is the fourth episode of our (somewhat) weekly Tavern Podcast series, and we welcomed a special guest on to the program today. Goal Korea’s Steve Han joined us on the show and we discussed a number of K League topics, including the return of the R-League, the youth system and the faults in its structure, the contract situations for 18-23 year old players and much more. Steve offers some very insightful analysis and of course the regular panelists Roy, Jae, Jinseok and Tim are there to help break it all down. It’s a bite size 45 minute podcast… tell all your friends! We hope you enjoy. Leave a comment below to continue the discussion and don’t forget to share on social media to support the Tavern 🙂


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  1. Just finished listening, and while I’m a bit biased, that was a damn fine podcast ! For those not in the know, Tim took on editing responsibilities , super job there Tim! Steve, come back and join us anytime, very enlightening (and sobering) stuff!

  2. This was a very insightful listen, good to hear so much about what is going on off the pitch!

    I think restarting the R-League is a great shout, much better to have the squad players/young players playing regular competitive football than not!

    Did I hear you correctly though that from this season one under 23 player will have to actually start every K League game?

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