The Tavern Mailbag – August Edition

Like any good tavern, Tavern of the Taeguk Warrior employs a few good-hearted, and somewhat knowledgeable, men. It’s been awhile since we’ve had a mailbag, and quite a lot has happened since the last one. Remember, the premise is simple. Got a question? Ask in the comments section below, and the Tavern staff will try to answer it.

Your question can be in regards to basically anything. South Korea, Korean football, the K League, football in general, whatever you want to ask (but keep it clean please).

If you would like a specific Tavern worker to answer the question (that would be Roy, Jinseok, or Jae) then you can specifically address the question to them. Don’t have a specific person in mind, then one of us will answer. But just as a reminder here are each Tavern employees’ area of expertise: Roy – Koreans in Europe, Jinseok – youth teams and players, Jae – senior squad and tactics.

Questions will be accepted for a week or so, and then answers to questions will be posted later.

Cool? Any questions or comments about the mailbag idea can be . . . you guessed it, left in the comments.


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  1. I want all 3 tavern writers to HONESTLY jot their feelings about our dark murky future……………………………………………………………………

  2. What do you guys think about park chu young?
    To be honest I still reckon he is the only one capable of scoring goals, yes, he wasn’t in favour in Spain, but to be honest who would be when they can’t even speak the language or even English for that matter.
    We all saw that at AS MONACO when he was playing he could dominate and play really well, so what do you guys think about having a punt and putting him
    back on the NT(where he scored a shitload of goals too)

  3. I blame Park Chu Young himself for failing in Spain. Could AS Monaco players speak Korean? No. Could Park Chu Young speak French before going? Maybe… granted, I’m not sure about that. French and Spanish are the same. Other non-English speakers have excelled in Spain. I think he blew his chance of fixing the Arsenal situation. If Koreans want to make the move to La Liga, they have to either learn the language or learn how to play on those teams. PCY obviously didn’t do it, and it ended really ugly. Seriously sucks because I want to see other Koreans have a chance in La Liga.
    I’m a fan of PCY, and have enjoyed watching him play for KNT. But I’ve been seriously disappointed since he ditched Lille for Arsenal back in 2011. Worst decision ever, and going to Spain made everything worse.

    • If there is one Korean that can do it, it’s Ki… He’s already very well adapted playing with Chico Flores, Pablo Hernandez & Michu in Swansea City, they’re all from Spain… I’d love to see him play for Real Madrid…

      • I thought that Ki would be an interesting possible successor to Xabi Alonso at Madrid, a player capable of playing long passes around the pitch, providing some defensive cover, and the occasional goal or two. But, now that they’ve signed Illarramendi there doesn’t seem to be any place for him (not that I thought Madrid was ever interested in Ki in the first place).

        • It’s too early for him to join, it will be easier for him after he gets more experience playing with his teammates from Spain at Swansea City…..

          • I suspect the move will never happen simply because Ki doesn’t carry enough star power to warrant a move. With Perez firmly in as president, Madrid will likely look to sign young, talented Spanish players (Isco, Illarra) or highly touted foreigners.

  4. Yoon Bit-Garam is a really talented midfielder. Under Cho Kwang Rae he seemed to be a rather important player but has practically diasppeared from the NT ever since. How do you see his future (move to Europe?) and any chance for him to return to the national team?

    • His chances at Europe are slim like any K League player not on the national team. His best days were at Gyeongnam but he transferred to Seongnam and flopped. He’s made a decent recovery at Jeju but he’s not Hong Myung Bo’s style.

  5. What exactly is so special about Ki? He can’t defend and isn’t much of a threat offensively. He’s a spectator who back passes to the centre backs or side passes to the full backs 90 percent of the time.

    • But his passes are extremely accurate, have you seen some of his forward through passes to Michu? He also does a great job taking the ball away from the opposition and keeping it in possession for a long time. Ki really makes a difference for Swansea City, ask a Swansea fan because they’re very happy to have Ki right now… watch the Swansea City vs Bradford City Capital One Cup Final to see what I’m talking about…

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