All Three Barca Players – Catch Them in Action NOW!

Lee Seung Woo (#7) Jang Gyeol Hee (#18) and Paik Seung Ho (#16) are playing a friendly vs. Lokomotiv RIGHT NOW!! 45 Minutes remain – watch!!

Note: This is a Juvenil A friendly – meaning the players are 2-3 years older than LSW JGH and PSH. Also, the link still works – the replay’s on youtube!


Tavern owner intruding: we have a summary of ball touches from all three Koreans on this Juvenil A team (thanks Goguryeo!!)

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  1. Korea is very poor against Mexico. I saw some good counters by Korea but only one shot on target so far by Korea and Mexico is getting all the possession. The goalkeeper Kim Seung Gyu wasn’t very good so far. He left an open net for Mexico when a corner kick was kicked to the center and he wasn’t good in saving the goal either. The team is terrible in passing. The game is so frustrating to watch.

    • agreed.. the all the touches seemed long, and fluidity lacked in passing. gotta say kim seung gyu was disappointing and kang min soo was in my opinion atrocious.

      • Very poor passing from lee myung joo and park jong woo. Kim Tae Hwan wasn’t terrible but not good. The defense was just atrocious like you said. The 4th goal could have been easily prevented. Kim seung gyu blocked two shots but the Mexican player got a 3rd shot on goal which went in.

        • yeah, didn’t even notice lee myung joo or park jong woo (besides his appearances for set-pieces), kim tae hwan probably had the best game (low scale), and especially let down a bit by Kim JinSu. Thought he looked really good before with good crossing and vision. Hopefully today was just an off-day

      • if anyone else was watching the game on espn3, the Mexican commentators were spot in in saying the final three lacks individual creativity. Hopefully Son heung min can provide that, and hopefully Kim Younggwon and Hong Jeong Ho can shore up the defense… : (

        • I was watching on espn3 as well. In the beginning the Mexican commentators were commentating Korea’s good speedy football and how the team can transition from defensive to offensive in a short time but they probably think Korea is a horrible team now.

  2. It’s bad that whenever Korea has the ball in Mexico’s half, you know you can take a bathroom break because they probably won’t score. On the other hand, when Mexico has it in Korea’s half, you’re always worried they’re gonna score. I felt that way throughout the whole game.

    • Perfect way to describe it. I felt a similar way when Korea went against Lebanon during world cup qualifiers in the 1-1 draw.

  3. Pretty horrendous showing by our scrubs. I would’ve much rather have seen the barca 3 than this match. Hell why not bring them over for to the WC while we are at it.

    In all honesty though, this match was to secure the last several spots on the roster, most of whom will not be in Brazil.

    Laughing at some of the posters on Bigsoccer though. 75% are in disbelief. When did we turn into Portugal?

    One guy was complaining after the costa rica match, why do we constantly try crossing it to KSW? Guess what? We have never had a vertical game. EVER. Its always been about the cross and as Telemundo was saying, we don’t have the quality in the final third to go one on one or attempt creativity. Being surprised by our tactics shouldn’t be water in the face experience if you’ve been following KNT since AT LEAST 2002. It goes far beyond that in reality.

    I don’t have any idea how we’ll fair in Brazil I was going to go to Rio, but Im not sure now.

    Hong’s got a lot of work ahead of him. Hacking KMS and YKH should be amongst the 1st things though. Goalie sucked too not because of his misses but you could feel the panic coming from him. He seemed to have thrown in the towel after the 2nd goal.

    • I’m not really surprised. This match proved my point. We don’t have enough depth in the front to be leaving off talented players from Europe just because they aren’t getting playing time. They are still better than anyone playing in Asia, unfortunately, including the likes of KSW. I previously commented that LKH is overrated, and he proved me right again. His M.O. has been consistent throughout his career. He gets chances and he blows them. I don’t know enough about the Euro-based defenders, but I hope they are significantly better. Korea’s defense has been bad to terrible for most of the years since Choi Jin Cheul and Hong Myong Bo’s generation retired.

      • I’ve been a defender of Lee Keun Ho because of his work rate. I get that he’s not scoring goals. Honestly though, I still think he should go to Brazil. To be fair, he’s not getting any service from the other K League guys. And if you take all of the European players + Kim Young Gwon from China, that’s only 11. You still need to take 12 more to Brazil, probably from the squad who played against Costa Rica and Mexico. Out of all those guys, I don’t see how you can pass over Lee Keun Ho who 1) has tons of NT experience but isn’t a geezer, 2) is faster than most of the other players, 3) can easily create chances for better (European) teammates. Remember his assist to Lee Chung Yong against Switzerland? I don’t think he can do that with the K League guys. What 11 guys from last night would you take to Brazil over LKH? I agree Kim Shin Wook should be included, but last night he wasn’t doing much.

        PS I’m seeing the benefits of including Park Chu Young in the NT roster… can’t get worse than last night. However, I still think he at least needs to be seen in games before magically being included. Greece!!

        • I actually wrote my long rant before I saw this post. I wouldn’t mind taking LKH if there was space. I actually love that he gets so many dang chances. But, he really is a terrible finisher. He’s been like that as long as I can remember. I think PJY should be added even if we never saw him, because he’s simply too much more talented than any of the other attacking options we have. However, I partly agree in that he should play some matches with the NT even if he doesn’t get time with his club.

      • listen…our problem might seem like its the strikers but none of our guys are helping out in the final third. they all sit around the box pinging the ball around the perimeter. thats our final third game.

        JDW, PCY, KSW….seriously not a difference maker in this bunch, imo.

        the sad part is is that no matter who we put in, we are always going to have someone chirping their hindsight 20/20. its pointless at this point until the real talent comes through the pipeline (e.g., the barca 3)

        • Except, I’m not saying anything in hindsight. Everything I’ve said I’ve said before. My opinion hasn’t changed the problem IS the strikers. By no means am I saying that PJY is a difference maker in the sense of a superstar. My point is relative to the talent at hand. PJY (and JDW, since he’s moving up a little bit in my assessment) have shown that they are CONSIDERABLY more talented than whatever else we got. So in the sense of their relative value to the team they actually are difference makers. If you mean win you a World Cup, of course not. But if we have to wait for the superstars to come before talking about who is best for the team, then there wouldn’t be a point to even putting together a team, let alone discussing it.

    • Yr not too far from the truth! In truth, I watched it until the 3rd goal and fell asleep, wondering if the team would concede another. Then I had a early day and just finished work so I’ll try to get something cathartic out of that hot mess from last night.

      • I don’t think it’s anything to really be too upset about. If anything I’d just be disappointed that the K-League is still so far behind Mexico’s league, but it’s to be expected since Mexico is just deeper in talent and their league is much more established. I also took away that LKH, while I like him as a person, is always frustratingly disappointing. He seems like such a smart player, but his finishing has got to be one of the worst out of players that are that good enough to make chances for for himself.

        To me, this only proved what I’ve been saying all along. Korea’s depth is just not quite there yet. It’s improved significantly, but we still got a few ways to go. I think it’ll be at least 15 years until Korea is even where Mexico is now (while I think the U.S. may get there in 10 or less).

        It’s funny that I’ve always thought Koreans overrated PJY, and he was always more on the disappointing end for me, but now I’m having to defend him from Koreans underrating him for lack of playing time and overrating Korea’s attacking depth. We can hope, but we need to get real. We are not like Argentina, let alone Mexico, where they can afford to leave someone talented behind for lack of playing time or for not fitting into a style. You have to take the most talented players available. Heck, even Argentina and Maradona in 2010 took Carlos Tevez when everyone knew he didn’t really fit into the style, granted Maradona didn’t have much of a style. Still, the thinking is usually the same even in the most prosperous soccer countries: you take the most talented player available! And this is made only more obvious, when it’s clear that you got nothing in your B team. KSW, is tall and decent, but I still find him wanting in the skill department. However, if I had a choice between KSW and LKH, I’d take the one with a better finishing track record. Aside from that, I don’t even see how there is any question that the Euro-based strikers are the best Korea has, even if neither of two played another single match all year.
        This article came out yesterday. I almost laughed at how poorly timed it was. Korea gets drubbed after it and I’m supposed to take seriously that Hong will want to take anyone from the Korea/Mexico match over PJY or JDW for that matter? Sorry for the long diatribe. The silver lining? Korea’s A team is so much better than the B team, it’s actually not funny. But Korea is getting there. Korea is still more talented now than they were in 2002 when they went to the semis, and that’s a good thing.

        • John, this long diatribe was written before I saw your post. If you didn’t know that, you might think I was directing my comments toward you. Lol. I wasn’t. I did respond though to your comment above, which is just below yours… if I made any sense just now. >.<

  4. No apologies necessary. Hey, we all want the best for the team! And I feel your frustration, especially after watching us get ripped up by Mexico’s (who, if some don’t know, had their own “worst year ever” in 2013) B-team

  5. Apparently Park Chuyoung might go to Nantes, fuck, fingers crossed. Also, is Song Jinhyung who recently played against Mexico the one who had a really good outlook for his future but went to Newcastle and then went to Nantes too?

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