Weekend Listings // At Long Last… Lee Seungwoo!

Quick Headlines

  • Lee Seungwoo finally makes it to his first ever KPA Weekend Listings!
  • Suk Hyunjun transfers to Troyes
  • Injuries, knocks and travel lag could keep many players out of contention

Weekend Listings

Koo Jacheol + Ji Dongwon: Augsburg vs Cologne, Saturday 9:30am. Chance for Augsburg to grab their first win of the season in their third try. You’d think with Ji staying in Germany to train, he’d have a likelier shot at starting, but he’s still a bit on the outside; Koo was left out of training with a heel injury – perhaps that knock is why Shin didn’t start him vs Uzbekistan?

Son Heungmin: Tottenham @ Everton, Saturday 10am. The transfer window slammed closed with no attacking signings by Spurs. Was it a lack of money, a lack of necessity, or both? Probably the former. Could be a tougher season for the London club this year with resurgence at Manchester and at Anfield… it’s early days, but juggling UCL too won’t be easy for Poch. Son was toothless over break; 50/50 between super-sub or start.

Lee Jinhyun: Austria Wien vs Wolfsberg, Saturday 12:30pm. I’ve put him in here for now, since I put in Hwang as well. A young midfielder with an eye for a pass who made the career move I’ve wanted Lee Jaesung to make for a couple years now. Has already gotten off of the mark with a goal last time around.

Kwon Changhoon: Dijon @ Caen, Saturday 2pm. Good form early didn’t carry through to the international break, could be a stingy game against low-scoring Caen. With a sprained ankle sustained over the break, Kwon may get his first bench appearance of the season, though he’ll probably be back in the starting XI in no time.

Suk Hyunjun: Troyes vs Toulouse, Saturday 2pm. Bienvenue, Suk. Out of nowhere, Troyes takes a chance on the vagabond Korean striker, plucking him on loan from Porto after a hugely disappointing spell at Fenerbahce. But Toulouse are a good side and a bench appearance would be a good start for Suk. Though not a big part of the 2016 Olympic squad, if Suk can work back up to the form that saw him score against Czechia that summer, can see him make a trip to Russia. Would be something for the nomadic beast.

Lee Chungyong: Palace @ Burnley, Sunday 8:30am. Another absentee from the World Cup qualifying squad, Lee turned down a lovecall from his own side Bolton and will try to tough it out at Palace. Got a shocking appearance at halftime last weekend, and he was okay, but didn’t rise to the occasion. Though it’s probably back to the bench for him, I wouldn’t mind a kneed finish like this:

Lee Seungwoo: Verona vs Fiorentina, Sunday 9am. It’s a big moment for us who’ve been writing these listings – LSW has finally made the senior write-up. A little tear comes to our eyes. No one would have predicted it would have been in Serie A, however, a league that I know *literally nothing about*. Probably can’t even name you half of the teams. This post by our own Jae Chee should help. Though it’s probably a tad too soon, Lee has been training with Barça B, should I’ll keep a little hope that the next Korean sensation will make a debut senior appearance.

Hwang Heechan: RB Salzburg vs Rapid Wien, Sunday 10:30am. Qualifiers indicated that he’s got room to grow, and could make the starting forward role his own. Hopefully it won’t be because the other options are sh*t, but rather because he starts combining his hard work rate and mobility with out-of-box positioning and finding that scoring touch. Not in 18 last time, but with 4/5 starts this season, if fit enough, should start.

Ki Sungyueng: Swansea vs Newcastle, Sunday 11am. Ki was a scratch in both games with the KNT and nothing indicates he’s fit. Though I may be a rare supporter of Shin’s idea to bring him to train anyways, just because having a captain around at this time makes sense. He won’t start in this one, but if he’s on the bench, could indicate he’s ready soon.

There’s lots to write about on the national team front, so I’ll end this post here so we can get to that. Guus Hiddink, throwing the manager into the air, and building the 2018 WC squad. It may have been shitty to stumble back into the World Cup backwards but we made it, and that’s still, for me, really exciting. Once a fan, always a fan.

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  1. You said that Tottenham didn’t make any attacking signings? Jansen left, but they did sign Fernando Llorente.

    I wonder what role LSW will play for his new team. I hope he doesn’t spend the entire season as a reserve and training with the youth players.

  2. Cautiously optimistic about this upcoming season of Korean footballers abroad.

    Also, is it just me or is every KPA injured? What’s up with that? Granted some are unlucky like Son’s over the summer. But still. What gives?!

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