Weekend Roundup 8/15-16

A very distinctly disappointing opening weekend for all the Bundesliga players minus Hong Jeong Ho and maybe KJS, and another boring weekend of KPA action in England where we only saw less than 45′ of total KPA PT.

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HJH was easily the best performer for the KPA’s this week, with a solid 90′ for Augsburg and a header that hit the post (AGAIN – he hit the post with headers twice last season). KJS was decent but struggled against Bellarabi like most fullbacks do, while SHM was awful against Hoffenheim. If he gets benched next game I wouldn’t be surprised.

Meanwhile in England LCY finally got to play for CP but in his 18 minutes he really didn’t manage to do anything, aside from winning a corner when he really should’ve just shot the ball.

KBK, as the table indicates, is on trial with PSV. Why didn’t he just go there in the first place…


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