Weekend Roundup 8/29-30

Yet another slightly disappointing weekend. Highlights: SHJ scored another goal, Crystal Palace beat Chelsea, and Swansea beat Man U. HJH had another solid game as usual, while KJC and JDW aren’t really doing much right now.

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Again, SHJ gives us the only highlight worthy GIFs for the weekend:

suk again

suk again 2

Not as impressive has his goals last week but still, he’s in scoring form right now which is great to see.

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  1. heyo tavern. the KFA just tweeted about how Koo Ja Cheol is undergoing a medical to transfer to FC Augsburg (if my korean reading skills aren’t deceiving me)!

  2. Lee Chung-Yong, though he came on late for Crystal Palace (I think he came on in the 81st min +5min stoppage), put in a decent shift – just saw the replay of the 2nd half. By beating Chelsea, C is now 2nd in the table. Swansea in 4th. Topsy turvy right now but I’ll take it! Cheers…

    BTW I think it’s fascinating there’s 3 Koreas in Augsburg with Koo coming back to the club. Love what’s happening in Germany, Park Joo-Ho to Borussia Dortmund, Koo + Ji + Hong Jeong-Ho @ Augsburg, Kim Jin-Su at Hoffenheim, Ryu (still @ leverkusen? ) and the cast of other players in the academies and 2.bundesliga.

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