Congratulations Australia – more to follow

It is a heartbreaking end to the Asian Cup from South Korea. Australia have won the Asian Cup in Extra Time, 2-1 the final score. Massimo Luongo hit a fantastic shot to end the first, while Son Heung-Min blew off the roof by scoring with the last kick of normal time. But a Kim Jin-Su error at the end of the first half of extra time allowed Tomi Juric to walk in, cross and James Troisi tapped it home. Korea could not find another miraculous breakthrough.

Roy (or someone) will have their review of the game and the Tavern crew will later record a podcast to review the entire Asian Cup.

여러분 수고하셨습니다.

Thank you for the memories, Korea.


Tavern Owner interrupting: one hell of a game…So Close. But echoing sentiments I expressed in the comment section below, huge thanks to the tireless efforts of the Tavern crew, going into extra time for this one.   Despite the title slipping away from them, Lots of positives to take away for Team Korea – but we’re all scrambling to catch up on sleep, etc.  We’ll see you shortly for some follow up posts and what should be a really neat podcast to conclude the 2015 Asian Cup tournament. By arriving at the Asian Cup finals, the rehabilitation of the KNT, it’s image and progress going forward seems to be underway.  And you know what, the morning sun has just come up and shining brightly here at the physical Tavern. Game on.

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  1. Thank you Tim and to the rest of the hardworking Tavern crew (I should trademark that). Anyway, despite the loss in the title match, Korea can and should pick up their ‘kibun’ as there’s positives to take away from this tournament. and a loss can be sometimes more instructive than a win – and if it’s the rehabilitation of the KNT and it’s image that’s more important – it seems Korea is on the path.

  2. Well that sucks to wake up to. Would’ve been awesome for new manager and team to have a real bond with a tournament win but oh well I guess. Rome wasn’t built overnight.
    I take exception to the assertion that the manager poorly managed or that we got here by luck though. Thats complete hogwash. Sure we got some nice cards. We also got here with a depleted team. You make your own luck in the end. The new manager has taken a nice huge step and seems to have the players behind him. Im grateful for that. Thanks for the updates, dudes and keeping this site current at all times.

    ddo boja

    • ughhh…just saw highlights. once again its a defender trying to get cute (back heel) that foils us. I guess thats what he means by our defenders being a ‘little naive’ sometimes.

  3. Sad that Korea lost. Great tournament though. I believe that is the beginning of the ascent for the Korean National Team. They now have time to build a promising team for the next World Cup.

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