Mondial Football Montaigu

Youth stuff is usually Jinseok’s department, but since he’s pretty busy I’ll just throw out this informational post. Next week, the 42nd Mondial Football Montaigu will kick off in western France. The tournament is an annual event that hosts several U-16 national teams as well as some French youth club teams. I believe this is the first time that Korea will participate in the event. But, it’s gaining quite a bit of attention here in Korea as the team will feature two of the three Barca youth kids: Lee Seung-Woo and Jang Gyeol-Hee.

The tournament has two groups (each with four teams).

Group A: France, Canada, Turkey, Ivory Coast

Group B: Saudi Arabia, England, Portugal, SOUTH KOREA

Korea’s group schedule (all dates/times are local)

4/15 19:00 vs Portugal

4/1718:30 vs England

4/19 18:00 vs Saudi Arabia

U-16 call-ups
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Where the players come from
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Of course, there are also the two La Masia products, as well as goalkeeper Ahn Joon-Soo who plays for Challenger League side Uijeongbu FC.

Not too such about viewing. Maybe a stream around someplace? If one surfaces it’ll be shared here.

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