Park Ji-Sung Says “0%”

Park Ji-Sung has finally spoken about the possibility of him returning to the national team. Speaking to Ilgan Sports, Park told them that there is a “0%” chance of him returning and that he has no plans or desire to return. Park’s possible return was already in doubt when the date for his annual charity match was announced, to take place just before the World Cup. Discussion has now turned to whether Park may play a role with the team in a purely off the field role.

In other news, the team is preparing for their first friendly match of the year, against Costa Rica. Hong Myeong-Bo has been dealt a slight blow as Ha Dae-Sung has sustained a leg injury and returned home. The injury, while not serious, is also a blow to Ha as he is battling for one of the backup spots for the World Cup roster.

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  1. Would’ve been nice to have Jisung. I also read a while back that he plans to end his career in the Dutch League. I hope that’s not true and that he ends his career in the K-League. He’s talked about the sense of obligation to improve Korean Soccer, and unless the K-League improves, no matter how many players go to Europe, success will not be sustainable. This is exactly the reason the US and Japan are on much better ground currently to project into the long term.

      • I wouldn’t mind seeing him in the MLS, but he’s really needed in the K-League. I mean really really need him. They also need to work on becoming a better league in general and build up the fan base. The Europhilic panting has made the Korean public forget the importance of the K-League to be thriving and the necessity of fans’ attendance/support. But, the K-League needs to do their part to attract fans as well as Korean star players. That’s my humble opinion.

        • Park playing in the K League, even if for just a year, would be the best thing for the league. It’s desperately short of star players, and people would come to see Park. The league does need to re-vamp their marketing strategy though. Sadly it seems that Park will likely try to play one more year in Europe and then retire after the 2014/15 season.

          • Exactly, Jae. Also, I didn’t word my sentence carefully enough, but I meant Korean stars have an obligation as well to attract fans to the K-League, sort of like Bradley, Donovan, and Dempsey staying domestic. Preferably most of the prime years should be played in the best league in the world possible, but at some point in your career, if you are part of a developing nation in terms of soccer, you have think of growing the domestic league.

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