[Rio Olympics Highlights] Germany 3-3 Korea – Tavern Commentary

There is a lot to talk about for this match. A LOT.

Therefore, a podcast will be in production tomorrow. Our sunbaes Roy and Jae are busy being adults but Tim, Tomas Danicek, and myself are available to go over the key talking points tomorrow night.

Before that comes up however, Tim and I have compiled the highlights for you guys in a Tavern Match of the Day style (oops it got removed due to copyright in less than a minute… SBS official highlights are up in Tim’s recap!)


Other fun facts:

Mexico has two key forwards injured, one of whom is the infamous Oribe Peralta, who was not only instrumental so far for Mexico but also in 2012 when they won Gold. As long as we don’t lose, we will qualify for the quarterfinals

Iraq just mercilessly hacked down Neymar and co as if they actually wanted to injure them. Brazil meanwhile threw away the game with some horrifically bad finishing. With two draws, they are in danger of not qualifying for the RO8.

One of the worst own goals I’ve seen in a long time happened to Japan. Rivalry aside I feel really bad for Japan’s overage wildcard selection Fujiharu:

I was so close to getting my 3-2 prediction correct… I TOLD YOU WE SHOULD’VE BENCHED MCJ

German fans on the internet: credit to aeh1991

Fun fact: In several German forums, they are saying things like:

“We can be glad to have taken 2 points against favourites for the gold medal.”

“Our defense sucked and the pass misses were horrible” (deja vu?)

“South Korea was better both in terms of technique and team play”

“We can’t win with scrubs like Benders.”

“Besides Meyer, Brandt and Gnabry we only have useless players”

“I bet you guys have thought that we’d easily win against the Koreans who can be considered as contenders for gold.”

“If we score more than 8 goals against Fiji we’re safe.”
“That won’t be easy with that team.”

“Why is Son at the Olympics? The Koreans also seem to take the tournament serious. Why everyone does but not us?”
“Because Korea will get military exemption. But Son got it already so I guess it has to do with the general importance of the Olympics in South Korea.”

“Good for us, we’ll have Bender and Ginter back soon.” (by a BVB fan)

“Our team is full of more than average Bundesliga players and can’t perform better than this?”

“I feel sorry for South Korea. They deserve it in every way.”

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    • Depends, Justin. Where are you commenting from?

      If you can get a VPN to Canada or Korea, I can get you something. We have all games HD replay in Canada, so let me know if you’re able to download Hola or another un-geoblocker.

    • If you’re in the USA and you have a cable/satellite subscription, you should be able to watch on the NBC Olympics website. All the events are streamed live on their site, with replays available (I don’t know for how long).

    • Is there anyway we can make a deal with Mexico to agree to a draw? Just kick off, then both sides hang out on the sidelines, watching their iPhones to see how many goals Germany scores. If Germany scores their 4th, then they can get up and start playing for real. 😀

        • Mexico and Korea are both standing on 4 points. Germany has 2. Assuming Germany beats Fiji (a fair bet), then Germany will finish with 5 total. So if Mexico and Korea draw, then all three teams will finish at 5 points, and it’ll come down to goal differential. Korea is at +8, Mexico at +4. Germany is at 0. So Mexico can go through with a draw, if Germany scores less than 4 goals agaibst Fiji.

          … That doesn’t seem likely, but maybe Fiji will discover the true meaning of friendship and teamwork sometime between now and match day 3 and will be able to keep Germany to the single digits.

  1. Germany isn’t gonna take any chances. They know kor v mex could end in a draw, meaning Germany knows they need goals. Don’t expect Germany to play soft and don’t expect a miracle from Fiji.

    Germany’s plan: get a win and get at least 5 goals

    Mexico’s plan: win

    Korea is in the toughest spot because they have the most to lose. They could go for the draw but that’s dangerous considering how good Mexico are at scoring goals. They could also go for the win, but if they are tied and go for the win, they better not expose themselves in the process.

    Gonna be an exciting day!

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