Tavern Hangout Live Today [6pm EST/7am Korea]: Tunisia loss fallout / preparing for Ghana

The Tavern writers have discussed it and it’s final. We’re holding a fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants Hangout Live session today in a few hours and it’ll be at 6pm EST in the US and 7am Korea time.  Join Jae Chee, Jinseok Yang, Tim Lee, Jeremy Paek and yours truly for a lively discussion on the fallout of Korea’s loss to Tunisia. What does it all mean as we shift into the World Cup?  We break it all down and fast forward to June 9th Miami in preparation for the last tune up match with Ghana.

You can also visit the events page here to access more features [If you have google+ there’s a Q&A button to submit questions in real time – otherwise tweet your questions to @taeguk_warrior or @KoreaChukGu].

This will be interesting, Jae may have a secret weapon for the Group H teams – it’s all in the formation. Listen in to find out…

We also have the latest with injuries, roster changes, and the other Taeguk Warrior U21 and U23 tournament updates.

If you miss it, not to worry. This is the 21st century after all and you can come back to the Tavern and watch it on Demand. Yeah.

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  1. How can you be fatigued and lack playing time at the same time? I like the optimism but I think its getting out of control. Im a realist and don’t over expect. I think if things go poorly for us in Brazil, we are def on the downtrend of international players.

    • I disagree. More Koreans are in Europe than before. Team chemistry needs work though. But we have a good amount of talent.

      • It doesn’t matter if they’re there. It matters if they’re playing and succeeding. You do realize that Ki, Son and Lee Chung Yong are the only three players out of the dozen or so playing that are getting anywhere near regular pt right? Again, Im not trying to be a downer…just calling it as Ive seen it over the last 10 years. Its time to stop making excuses for the NT. They’re grown men now and should have the mental capacity and strength to push through.

        Using fatigue as an excuse even for a player like Ki is sorta weak for me. Any of the elite players of other nations who play way more than Ki have shown a propensity to show up at the world cup. And they will in about 2 weeks time.

        I hope we get it together.

    • I feel ya…I still hold onto my apologist ways BUT I think I have tempered my expectations. However, knowing Korea won’t win it all, my metric for success will be making it through the group and putting up a respectable showing in the round of 16. I did a double take however many years ago when I found out Korea did not win a single World Cup game prior to 2002. There is progress, it’s not as fast as I’d like, but also Hong Myong Bo’s got to deal with the cards he’s dealt. Here’s to (nervous) optimism…

  2. I know I am kicking a dead horse here….but change the goal keeper. Anybody is an improvement from Jung Sung Ryong. The guy looks like a full moron without a clue…..

    1.) Cha Du Ri would have improved the team chemistry, morale, and leadership.

    2.) Nam Tae Hee would also be an improvement for the midfield. He can create and really get the offense running. I mean, come on, do we have a pulse?

    I am glad for this Tavern because we get to “drink beer” and share our sorrows….

    Dae Han Min-guk man sae!

  3. Just a comment, directed towards Jinseok. Using the word “retard” in the manner that you used it is pretty offensive to a lot of people. While I can’t force you to not use the word, I’m sure many, including myself, would appreciate it if you used a more appropriate word like, “stupid” or something like that. Just a friendly FYI. Peace.

      • I had a friend who used it all the time and one time he used it in front of a lady who had a M.R. son. She gave him an earful. Pretty mortifying experience I have to say.

      • Thanks, Jin. I know it’s hard. I had to work on this myself, and knowing people who’ve had kids with Down Syndrome, I felt like crap when I realized that I would never say that word to their face, so I probably should not use it in that way ever.

        Anyway, it was good to hear everyone’s thoughts. I did wonder though whether we’ll see Tim’s face. He has an interesting voice, so I can’t even imagine what he might look like. Lol. I thought it was almost one of those voice synthesizers. =P it’s just so distinct.

        • Best part of his voice, he’s Canadian (‘ey!) – not to make Tim feel overly self-conscious but honestly, Korean & Canadian (with it’s own French vs English thing going on) is a fantastic combo!

          • 😛 I’ve got this Korean-Canadian-Quebec voice with a strange computer microphone.

            If we ever get my computer connection sorted out then maybe

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